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Karthauserhof is a great place to visit, bring a jacket, the tasting room is cool.  Very beautiful tile work as well.  Christoff is a great host.  It was the last visit of the day, tasting '05's.  Tasted 4 TBA's!  One from Zilliken, 2 from Von Hovel and the Kart.  Amazing day!  '05 may be the best vintage of the '00's.  More botrytis than '01 and lots of concentration.
Pio,  Where do you live?  I have almost never received a new car loaner from my MB dealer.  If anything, they give me a loaner from Enterprise with a ream of paperwork to fill out...  And I'm 6'4", they never fit!
I have some suede chukkas from Trickers that I purchased from STP.  They are very nice looking and comfortable.  Half of what Alden charges.  I like my Alden's too!  Some Trickers are very nice, same with Alden.
Globetrotter, What an amazing spread!  Very jealous!  I hope your guests appreciate it.
I'll have to defer to the experts on the thread.  Use Wine Searcher to check pricing.
Was there an ice cream truck following you?  Appropriate for a dentist...  It does sound nice!
Pergole Torte is great.  Wonderful Sangiovese.  Getting pricey these days.  There are two schools in Nebbiolo, the old school, Conterno and the like are tannic monsters when young and almost undrinkable in youth.  They become wonderful wines, still powerful and alcoholic, but much more nuanced with age as discussed.  The "new school" wines like Sandrone, etc favor shorter hotter macerations and are much more approachable young.  Worth spending some time reading up on...
Get t,  If that's you in the photo, it appears that the temples are too short.  The color/shape look fine. I'll differ to the expert opinion.
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