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Matt,  You must go to Italy for truffle season.  End of story. Outside of Cuñeo in a small village up against the mountains called Boves, there is a restaurant, Al Rododendro.  You can stay there as well.  Truffles with egg, pasta, on top of stuffed zucchini blossoms, you name it.  The best female chef in Italy.  Heaven.
Nothing beats mozzarella with tomato, basil, and a nice olive oil.  You can throw it on pasta or by itself with a dash of acid(lemon or you choose vinegar).
Augusta sneakers, very comfy!    
Pio, Try some cornflakes with your walleye.  Smashed or purchased that way of course.  A guide in Lake of the Woods served them that way to me many years ago.  Yum!
medtech, Agree with most here, it's just too big for your wrist.  Good news is there are many watches that are 38mm which would fit you perfectly.
I would trust the TZ or Purists over Ebay.  At least you can ask for references, etc.  Ebay is a crap shoot.
Look at the buy/sell section of the Purists.  Good source.  Most are very reputable.  Forget about white gold in that price range.
Can you do timer shots with an iPhone?
KJ,  Have a cobbler put in a couple of stitches and you're all set.  Just as long as you can still get your foot in.
Yes, my GS.  I'll try to get a side shot with shoes on, need an assistant!
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