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I had a chance to meet with Mr. Dufour at his little work shop.  Wonderful man that truly loves what he does and does it as well as anyone living.  This was 5-6 yrs ago and was too late to get a Simplicity from him.  The area surrounding Geneve is very beautiful and for a WIS, heaven!  If you go, it's worth the trip to Rochat, near Lausanne.  Might be the best restaurant in the world...
I like the Omegas too.  Especially the Speedy Pro.  Don't hold their value unless vintage.  Watches, unless very high end limited production are not the best investments, but they are way cool. I really like my vintage VC RG sub second time only.  For everyday, I wear a Tissot T-touch Pro in titanium.  Light and does what it needs to.  Not mechanical, however. :(
Brooks Brothers outlet has 70% off.  If there is one nearby, it's a great deal.
Brooks Brothers tee shirts, when on sale.  For big guys, Eddie Bauer, esp just after holidays, huge discounts, lots of tall, xxxl, etc.
I used to live in Wisconsin.  Owned at one time or another 6-8 pair of various iterations.  They even make golf shoes!  The fishing oxford may be the most comfortable shoe I own and it's going on 30 years old!  The boat shoe and chukkas are very nice, the dbl vamp kangaroo chukkas are a close second to the fishing oxford for comfort and fairly waterproof.  Their suede penny loafer is very nice looking, not great support wise, so I wouldn't wear it to hike around town....
Just got the Beolit 12, nice sound quality made for portable, wifi sound.   B & W headphones sound nice as well
I upgraded a few years ago.  Still haven't gone the original source route, too much vinyl, etc. Rega P9 with Shelter cartridge(sweet sound) Linn Klimax amp and pre amp Linn CD, tuner, phono Wilson Sophia II I have heard more on my vinyl than I ever had before, with some nice 70's-80's gear
Some recommendations please.  I'm trying to decide on which sole to get on Trickers Chukkas.  Gumlite or Dainite.  I like the cushion of the Gumlite, but the Dainite is thinner and probably wears better.  Thoughts?  Thanks much,  Richard
They have an outlet in Vancouver BC.  The selection varies.  I don't think they ship, but can call them.  This is about the Arc'teryx...
They have an outlet in Vancouver BC.  The selection varies.  I don't think they ship, but can call them.
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