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I heard the 5.0L BMW's have problems with the fuel line getting too hot and the new cars stalling out.  I'm sure they'll fix it forthwith, just wanted to know if anyone here had a problem.  Also, I've gone to non-ethanol gas and my older Benz sedan seems to like it.  Expensive, but gets better milage and runs better.  Thoughts?
Go with the fishing oxford vs the mocs, you won't be sorry.  Just having mine resoled, 25+ yrs old. The O mocs are mainly for inside or very light duty.  You will feel every pebble.  But, if you really want them, go for it.
Sorry, I don't mean to offend, but that watch looks huge with dress clothing.  I'd wear it with sport shirts and jeans and get a thinner more elegant watch to go with dress clothes.  Just my humble opinion.  What does the forum think about watch size?  The trend is huge, not necessarily my taste.  To each...
Alden  color 8 LHS size 11 D Churches for Brooks Brothers Black lace up size 43, classic Bally loafers Brown size 11
Like the dial on the Nomos, but not the thick case.  Maybe look at a used Journe Chronometre Souverain time only or the MIH Chrono if you like the industrial look.
I just received an email from AE regarding a cappuccino cordovan LE opportunity.  Nice looking shoes.  Anyone else get this?
I sold some Alden color 8 loafers on *bay which the buyer wants to return.  He says they fit like 11.5 when they are marked 11 D.  Is it possible that shell could stretch 1/2 size?  If anyone is interested, PM me.  Thanks
If you like WA state reds, check out Cadence.  Made by some ex-Boeing wine club guys who know their juice.  As good or better than Chris' wines at Andrew Will...
Actually, these may well be Aldens.  Not the link above, but loafers.  The shoes seem ok, just the seller...I'd rather not say.   Where would you all recommend purchasing Alden penny loafers, not the full strap, in cordovan?  I live in Seattle.  Thanks
Fleabay alert!  There is a guy selling Alden's who calls the color of a shoe "Cordovan",  When I sent a message to him asking what the color actually was, he called me stupid and removed my bid.  Good thing, I wouldn't buy anything from such an individual(being charitable).
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