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I'm surprised no one mentioned Barton Perreira.  Used to work for Oliver Peoples, then went out on their own.  Hi quality, fashionable, variety of sizes to fit one's face.  I own two.  One is an aviator style, the other is a Kerouac gradient.  Great products, not cheap.
I found the audio on the Beolit to be quite good.  To each his own.  Best to try and decide for your own self.
What do you think of Tumi's Arrive series, the De Gaulle in particular?
Anyone looked at the Tumi Arrive De Gaulle?
He owns some nice watches.  I wonder how he pays for 500K watches?  Gov salary?  I don't think the watchmakers give them away...  
Call the B & O folks and ask.  Sorry, I don't know the answer.
Sorry,  The Russell golf shoes are 11 C.  I have others that are 10.5, messed up.  PM me if you want a scan...
Great old Heuer's.  Love the Ferrier Torby!
I have some Russell golf oxfords 10.5 E like new, could be resoled with crepe, etc.  PM me.
The Beolit 12 uses wifi. So, it may work if you use a wireless router with movies.
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