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Bisato in Seattle.  3 * at fair prices.  Dungeness crab and Oregon shrimp surrounded by apple glee, truffle infused pasta with parm and asiago cheese sauce, risotto with chanterelles, polenta with ragu of veal and pork with more asiago sauce.  Fabulous!
Arthur, nice photo.  I wish mine looked as good.  Close to 150K miles and still tight, yet roomy and solid. Nice rims as well, AMG?  Mine is 100% stock, don't like what the pot holes do to nice wheels.  Thanks for sharing.
Just saw some Berluti luggage, was a decent value, now?
Never like any of the Bangle designs.  Loved my '88 M3.  That and my VW R32, first year imported, were the most legal fun you could have under 50K.  Now I drive a boring '92 500E.  Best car I've ever owned. 
Gstar, you have great taste.  Two of my favorite producers!  Not my fav vintage, however.  99 was the last vintage dad had a hand in at Dujac, classic.  The kids are now making wine, or I should say Jeremy and Diana's wines.  They are getting better and better.  And nice people as well.  I love their Chambolle Gruenchers.  The Grand Crus are decent as well.  Anyone had their RSV?  Magic!
I was a guest of some good friends and the winemaker at DRC was nice enough to let us taste a few wines.  The Batard was one.  Unique experience.  And a very good one at that. Favorite DRC vintages anyone?  I'll start with '99 La Tache.
La Cabotte is actually a little house in the Chevalier vineyard, or what's left of one.  A truly great wine when made well.  Rare and pricey, some prefer Chevalier to Montrachet.  Mainly depends on producer.  DRC actually makes a Batard, which is not sold commercially.  Less oak than the Monty, a very rare treat indeed.  Only tasted once at the Domaine.  I can still taste the finish...
You may want to check out Laurent Ferrier.  Arguably the finest watch you can buy.  Look up and see.  If I had the cash, I'd go for it even over Dufour!  Met Mssr. Dufour at his little manufacture.  Wonderful man and amazingly beautiful finishes.  Sigh...
I may be wrong, but didn't Rolex use Zenith movements on their Daytona's until the last few years when they switched to their in house movement.  So, there should be a good supply of parts for those chronos.
I heard the 5.0L BMW's have problems with the fuel line getting too hot and the new cars stalling out.  I'm sure they'll fix it forthwith, just wanted to know if anyone here had a problem.  Also, I've gone to non-ethanol gas and my older Benz sedan seems to like it.  Expensive, but gets better milage and runs better.  Thoughts?
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