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What?  That's all you've got?  Come on, I can take it!
Let's get back to the movie, shall we?
I think running away from Germany pre WWII would not be anything but smart.  Because one disagrees doesn't mean you can't have a reasonable discussion.  I liked the movie and found that my original opinion to be solidified.  "I" believe Palin was totally unqualified for the position.  
I called Brooks Brothers Store and the wardrobe event goes on thru today.  I ordered cordovan and was given the discount AFAIK.  At least that's what the store manager told me.  FYI.
Boy, those X6's are ugly.  They remind me of old Infinity/Nissan crossovers.  BMW makes such great engines and chassis, why can't they make 3.0CS's any more?  IMHO the best looking BMW ever.
I like good weed!  And great looking women!
+1 on Rega.  Spend some cash on a good cartridge.  You will not be disappointed.
Yeah, but if you didn't have oil sands, mountains, water, fish, great looking women, nice people, did I mention great looking women...I forgot what i was talking about.
I like Canadians, some of my best friends are Canadians.  I wouldn't move there unless Palin became president, then I'd give it serious trout, I mean thought.
Bachelet is too inconsistent.  I think a little oaky as well.  The oak in Roty is sexy and mellows over time.  Had any '85 Roty's lately, fill the room nose.  I agree 100% on Fourrier.  His wife(British) isn't bad to look at either.  My other fav's are Roumier and Dujac, although more of the Morey/Chambolle end.  Damn, Burgundy has gotten expensive.  Reminds me of the old Pacific Wine Company covers, "Am I boring you?"  With the woman hanging from a noose as the guy...
New Posts  All Forums: