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Amazon's having a gift card sale Tuesday. $5 for a $10 card.  Don't know details, how many you can get/use at once, etc.  Still 50% isn't bad.
I agree with New.  Getting a minute repeater/Sonnerie cheap will a exercise in futility.  The sound won't be as good, the maintenance will be an issue, etc.  Cheap being a relative term, 100K isn't cheap, but it is for a MR/S.  I think the best watch complication is the chronograph.  Most useful, looks cool and is relatively affordable.  A Omega Speedy Pro is a great watch with a classic movement that is quite reasonable. Then again, I wear a Tissot T-Touch as an...
Love the 3.0CS.  Best looking BMW ever!  Had an '88 M3 Black with burgundy interior, second best.
I've owned a couple M's in the past.  One was stolen :(  and the other I sold :(.  Great piece of history and engineering.  I really like the images Ralph Gibson has made with the M.  Enjoy in the best of health.
Just received #8 LHS from Brooks.  Nice!  Esp with the $100 discount. Beautiful and comfortable.
IMHO, Cartier makes the nicest watches for women.  Their men's pieces aren't my cup of tea, but the classic tank is one of the best.   Wear it in good health.
Takashi,  I understand where you are coming from.  I guess there are some here that have strong opinions and aren't afraid to voice them.  Sometimes they get close to or cross a line.  I, for one, have felt this occasionally.  The bottom line is most of the members are nice folks, perhaps a little obsessed about fashion, but good people.  I would ignore the opinions that don't speak to your issues and move on.  Check your ego at the door and you'll be fine.  BTW, there...
Hey, I like nice wallets.  Maybe not Hermes, but I like something that pleases me, not anyone else on occasion.  I have a Bottega. So Takashi, if it pleases you and you can afford it, go for it!
Rpiotr01, Nice!  I just got my fishing oxfords and kangaroo dv chukkas back from the spa.  Fit like butter and look like new.  Both 30 years young!
I called Brooks Brothers Store and the wardrobe event goes on thru today.  I ordered cordovan and was given the discount AFAIK.  At least that's what the store manager told me.  FYI.
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