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Did you catch the pic of Brad Pitt taking his kid in what looks like a classic BMW with a sidecar.  Nice.
Heard about Dror for Tumi?  Was in NY Times this weekend.  Not much available as yet.
W C Russell Mocassin Co. Golf Shoes, Double Vamp, Like New.  Size 11C, 11.25" inside length, 13" X 4.875" outside dimensions.  The shoe can be resoled with any sole Russell uses for $64 US plus ship by Russell if not wanted to use for golf.  Very comfortable and as waterproof as Russell makes.  Price includes shipping CONUS. New price is $300 plus months of waiting.  Returns accepted within 5 days of receipt, buyer pays shipping both ways.
Brand new unworn ECCO Brown Suede Lace Ups.  Size 45. $150+ new at stores. No returns, please.
Vintage Brown Bally Penny Loafers.  Saltrio model made in Italy.  Lightly used, original soles and heels.  Size 45 M, fit 11 US.  Inside dimension 11 3/8", Sole 12" x 4 1/8" widest point.  No returns, please.
Classic Black Brooks Brothers English Dress Calf lace ups.  Very lightly used, excellent condition.  Original soles and heels.  Size 43, fit 11-11.5  Inside length 11.75", sole length 12.25", sole width 4.25" widest dimension.  These are about 20-25 yrs old. purchased new from Brooks.  Always had shoe tree.  Well cared for, no cracks or flaws in leather.  Worn probably 20 times.  My feet have grown and am cleaning out the closet.  Not worn for 10 + yrs.  I will accept...
If you feel the need for a coin section, why not get a separate coin purse?  I found one in Spain, a spring closure croc embossed leather for very reasonable cost.  I can't remember where I got it or what it is, but there are many such things available.  That way, you can maintain the thin wallet and have coin access!
Going for my daughter's grad in May.  Been to Church and State when Manske was there, like to try something similar.  Anyone?  Bueller?
Les Nomades, if it's still around, is great classical French.  One of the best wine lists in the city, esp Burgundy.  Sit down, start with a glass of Champagne, order a nice bottle of Henri Boillot, have some great fish/shellfish and enjoy.  Other places are interesting, but you know exactly what you get with Les Nomades.
Grenache from the Rhone or Spain may work better.  I like the Priorat old vines stuff, cheap and delicious.  A great place to visit as well.  Love Barcelona.
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