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Still working on it.  I'll respond asap.
Is he in Seattle or Bellevue?  A friend had some clothes made by a tailor in Bellevue and was happy with his work.  Don't know if he's still around.  I could ask.  May take a day or two and I'll let you know.  No info on either of the others you mentioned.  There is a tailor in Belltown that's very expensive and from what I understand, quite good as well.  
I have some Zeiss frames with made up lenses and some Cartier as well.  Mostly just cheap to moderately cheap made up readers from China.  I like the half frame, that way you don't have to deal with the top plastic in your line of sight.  Most look like they are, cheap and funky.
Just missed an LHS on *bay.  Black cordovan new old stock, went for $340  B***** grabbed it at the last second...  Good deal for him, pisser!
Did you catch the white M9 for the Japanese market with a fancy Noctilux?  Digital 31K...
Anyone have a rec on quality readers?  Hey, I'm old, but I still want to look!
I'm staying near the Staples center.  Daughter grad from SC.  Less than $30 cab ride would be nice, not critical.  I heard Cut was very good and pricey.  Then again, you only live once or twice...  I looked up various reviews.  I've been to Bouchon in Vegas.  Some dishes rock, most are just ok.  I would appreciate some favorites from the Forum.  Thanks.
Thanks, regardless, it's a cool way to take your kid shopping.      See if this works.  My IT person helped(nice to have an IT GF).
Sorry tech challenged.  It was on Yahoo today.
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