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Not a fan of the crepe sole on those Roy's.  Otherwise, looks good.  I'm not sure if they would give you an option on soles.  I'd go dbl waterloc over crepe in a heartbeat.
Really sorry for your loss.  Perhaps we should discuss insurance on watches.  I've never done it, I have a very heavy safe and deposit box for the fancy things.  Some companies specialize in insurance for timepieces.  Thoughts?
Not wild about the peeling cordovan.  The shoes are really comfortable, just have to say it again.  I have a fairly high instep, so I stay away from some boots that aren't lace ups.  Not sure about the strap versions as well.  I'd like to see them in the flesh.
I think the Cayman/Boxster range are great cars.  ! would be happy with them.  Unless I lived in snow, then I would go with Audi's new Allroad, or a gently used one.  The Allroad was one of the best snow cars ever, plus a great car anytime.  I had a VW R32 which I used to drive to ski.  4 snows and it was like a snowmobile.  4 summer tires and it was like driving on rails.  Great bang for the buck, esp the original with the stick.
As I said, if you like them.  I do, you don't.  End of story.
For a few hundy more, you can get Augustas.  If you like them...
Leather is dyed on Augusta.  Got it all over my fingers when I re-laced.  They are expensive.  Better pricing in Euroland.
+1 on BMW repairs.  Dealers are rip offs, I could go on, too painful.
Sometimes it's just the whole package.  The day, the night, the meal, the wine , the company...  Once in a while it all comes together.
D Wade...  Actually just tall thin socks, wanted to show off the shoes, not the pants.
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