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Rambo, I like your style!
Good choice.  Should be fine for 200K+ miles and low cost.
Question?  Why do people seem to want doubles, triples, etc, of the same or very similar watches?  For example, some folks like to own Patek models in every gold and Pt.  In my opinion, this creates a false market and makes it difficult for mere collectors to own even one of that model.  Maybe it's jealousy, but I find this practice greedy.  I mean, how many chronos of the same brand does one need.  I've been guilty myself, to a quite small degree, but I like chronos and...
Lanvin's look ok as art, but as a sneaker, they are too much style.  I prefer subtle.  I couldn't wear them unless very plain.  Just my taste.
Blackbird is done with Alden.  At least that's what they told me.  Concentrating on Wolverine 1000 Mile boots and others.  Alden isn't a big seller for them and Alden is not supporting small shops with limited runs.
I had a chance to buy a 5070RG for 30K 5-6 yrs ago.  Didn't really like the look.  Stupid me.  I really like this new chrono, and the mvmt fits the case!  Wear in the best of health.
^ Really?  Why do you have to say this, even if there is some truth, it's like the porcupine/BMW line.  No need to say these things, no need at all.
TBS try these
A neighbor has two Toyota hybrids, Camry and SUV.  No prob with either.  They like them.  Please quit the racist shit...
I like those sweat shorts!  I have an old pair of RL's that I live in the summer, almost threadbare.
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