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Mishima is great, esp with a glass of poison in your hand.
Please excuse my ignorance, why is the extra hand in the wrong place v the hour hand?
Raw,  Are those MA+?  Nice boots!
Do they run TTS?  What's a 45 in US sizing?  I heard the instep is a little low.  Nice boots, if you like brown.  
Slew is right on.  Really only works with young wines.  Drink up, on the older ones!
I'd check out Cadence in WA.  Not the best tasting exp, but better wine than QC.  Need a reso.  I think the winery is in the Seattle area, lots of great restaurants, places to see here.  Eastern WA is really hot this time of year.
I'll be back!
Cristom.  May need a reso.
Looks like Rory's caddie and dad both rock APRO's.  I think they are one of his sponsors.  Amazing display of golf on a tough course.
I guess it's just the collector mentality.  I have many friends who collect wine and have X times as much as they can drink in several lifetimes.  My point is why would you want 3-4 of the same watch, even if it's just a different color/gold.  Variety is the spice.  Then again if you like dating twins...
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