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I'm having a "Kung Fu Hustle" moment...
Did you catch or buy?  I like bass if in the 1-2 lb size, much bigger and they taste muddy.  Nice preparation, I'll have to try it.
Walleye all the way.  Not a gourmet fish, but very delicious.  Also lake perch for fish fry.  Having some tonight.  I've caught and eaten many a black bass, from Wisconsin originally.  They are down the list after the other two at least, I'd go Lake Superior Whitefish ahead of bass as well.  Fresh water, that is.  Salt water is a different story.  All depends on preparation.  Hard to beat fresh Halibut, cooked that is.  Sea Bass has a nice crust when done properly.  You...
Sorry I was not clear.  Sale prices, at least 25% off or more.  And not on weird colors, expensive designs, etc.  Just the basics.  Thanks
Any good pricing still on MMM gets?  Bigger size US 12.  thanks
How do they fit?  Still available?  I would be a 45 in CP Achilles if they weren't so narrow.  Otherwise, I'm a US 12.  Thanks,  Richard
Any recommendations for a med-wider foot sneaker.  I really have a med width, but the Achilles are just too narrow.  Thanks.
Which "Baller's" do you consider "sleek"?  I would say CCP and Augusta/A1923 are in the sleeker end, even now.
Just for the fun of it, what are some of your favorite restaurants in the Bay area?  I'll start with Acquerello, esp during the fall truffle season.  May be my favorite on the west coast...
Great review.  I have been to Bouchon many times, never FL or PS.  I admire your restraint.  I would have mentioned the over cooked lobster and lamb for sure.  C'est la Vie.  As I get older and perhaps wiser, I am less apt to accept less than what I would want, particularly from a place such as Per Se.  It does seem that with these celebrity chefs, the bigger their empire the less control they have over the end product.  I have def found this to be the case with Michael...
New Posts  All Forums: