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I have a vintage Bally weekend bag, 30 yrs old.  You may be able to find such items around.  The quality is there and a nice patina over time.  I think I paid $3-400 on sale when new.  I'll post a scan if you want.
Ch Musar is more of a curiosity than a great wine.  Some older vintages, 60's, 70's, early 80's were decent.  Not something I'd cellar.  Interesting to try.  Someone brought one to a blind tasting a few years back, trying to fool around.  Was identified fairly easily.
I remember driving my new '77 320i and thinking, this is so wonderful.  Lucky I wasn't in Colorado, still sucked in the snow, but fun at Blackhawk Farms and Elkhart Lake!
The side zips, Augusta. 
Like those A1923 top pic lace ups.  Nice classic look and you know how they're made.
My sis lives in Florida.  She sends me stuff for my B-day, etc.  I can't wear anything she sends.  I think the bracelet would only fly in Fla.  
Thanks FG, I'll try it.  My recipe turns out with a creamy texture.  The chino is the key.  Tasty.  
OK, it's hot. Time for Gazpacho!  I was traveling in Uruguay and happened upon a small restaurant near my hotel.  I went there every night for dinner.  Before dinner they served an amuse which always included gazpacho among other little delights.  Long story short, the recipe came from a Portuguese woman.  Here you go... Ingredients:  Nice ripe tomatoes, about 3 lbs.  I like the heirloom, but any good tomato will do.                    Good olive oil, 1/4 cup      ...
A friend who is in the jewelry business has a MB watch.  I think he likes the esthetic more than the movement, but as was previously stated, the movement's not bad.  Certainly not in the class of Patek or Dufour or Voutilainen, etc, but few are esp at that price.
Looks like a decent restoration.  That car was so ahead of it's time.  Good to find an expert to restore, if needed.  Dad, can I borrow the car?
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