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Went there 15-20 yrs ago.  Looks like they haven't lost a step.  Serious Cali wine list also.
They also make Tignanello.  In good vintages, it can be among the best of Tuscan wines.
Go to the Boqueria and to "Pinocchio" near the front right as you enter.  Best casual place in town.  Everything is fresh from the market.  You stand in line behind the folks eating.  You will not be disappointed!  In my top 5 cities of the world.  Of course going to the Gaudi Cathedral  is a must as well.  Look up when inside, amazing.  Just walking around is fabulous.  Jealous...
"The Horror! The Horror!"
"Bane" capital? eh, Sinn...
Brooks Brothers makes very nice tee shirts.  On sale or at outlets, they are very reasonable and wonderful cotton.  Some colors, but not fancy designs, etc.
How about some first class tickets to Hong Kong?
Ok, I was using a rationalization, but "I don't know anyone who could get through the day without two or three juicy rationalizations.  They're more important than sex."  (sub, generalizations)
Wine is all about balance.  I've had some young Latour's that were very dark, not black.  The best wines I've had were not so dark, even as a young wine.  R Parker has been a primary cause in the extract everything bandwagon.  This may work in Bordeaux and Cali but certainly not elsewhere.  My 2¢.  I may agree to disagree with some, C'est la vie.
No wine should be pitch black...
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