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Mephisto Filipo Black 12 M Lace ups.  Brand new, unworn with box.  Plain toe bluchers.   Great walking shoe or can be dressed up.  Price includes shipping CONUS.  More scans on request.
They may be the best shoes/boots made, certainly of that type.  You will not be disappointed.
New with box Mephisto Martel 12 D Black.  Brand new unworn shoe.  Great for summer/fall.  Price includes shipping CONUS.  More scans available, serious inquires only, please.
Mephisto Edlef Brown 12 D.  Great shoes.  Uppers perfect, some light wear on heels.  New $295!  Price includes ship CONUS
Mephisto Edlef Black loafer size 12 D.  Great shoe, gently used.  Uppers perfect, some light wear on the heels.  New $295!  More scans available, if interested.  Price includes ship CONUS.
When it sounds to good to be true...  I'd have a serious mech check out the body and mechanicals.  May have been in a crash.  Some idiot ran into my R32 a few years ago, took a 25K car to an 11K loser.  Actually, you can take a tax deduction for damage that lessens the value of a wrecked car, not a huge amount, but better than nothing.  FYI.
I'll take all your guy's '53 Lafite.  Thank you in advance.
I believe what you're referring to as handles may be called "lugs".  If you want to see some elegant versions, not cheap mind you, check out the hour lounge, VC's WIS site.
Sorry, I was very affected by the tragedy in Colorado.  Very sad indeed.  Not the right place, but I was commenting on Sinn's avatar.  Back to the thread.  Regardless of the styling, Augusta's are so well made and hit my esthetic on the button.  I wish I could own many.  What are the group's opinion on zip, side or back v lace up?  Most seem to like one or the other.  Trying to make up my own mind and am curious why you all like one over the other.
How about a vintage piece?  You may be able to find a nice Swiss time only watch in your price range.  Most vintage watches would be under 38mm depending on maker.  If you want new, there are many to choose from as well.  Let us know your price range and you will have many suggestions.
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