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RFX45,  Those are interesting, how well do the laces/leather straps hold up?  I'd be worried if one of the straps wore out, you'd be hosed.
depechedior,  Beauty!  I'd love to see it in RG.  Not sure if it's been released as yet.  Much nicer than any Nautilus or Aquanaut.  That's what I mean by classic case.  Chronos are my fav complication.  I miss my 5970WG, but I couldn't read the sub dials!
Not a fan of that Patek.  I much prefer the classically styled versions.  It does look nice on your wrist, enjoy!
^^ Very nice, classic.  Use in the best of health.
SeanPrice,  A lot depends on where you live and if you're looking for a winter boot or a dressier model.  For Winter a Kudu Indy is a great option.  For dress, it's wide open.  Certainly something in cordovan would be great, albeit more expensive, but worth it.
You may look at auctions for Sauternes.  They just don't sell.  Great values available in the secondary market.  I know, I tried to sell some a few years ago, including d'Yquem, and they sell at low prices v red Bordeaux.
King Felix throws a perfecto!  The best pitcher in baseball.
Thanks Kap.  I knew it was a simple sol.  Comes in handy when traveling.  I have to look up my manual on my T-Touch when I travel.  
I think I get it, it takes into account the minutes.  Still should be where the hour hand is, maybe it's a little slow, or I am!
FF, understood.  Then the extra hand should be in the same place as the hour hand on the dial, correct?  And it's not, it's on 51.75 and the hour hand is on 58.5.  Both should be on the same minute marker, imho.
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