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Beautiful Leisure Hand Sewn made by Alden for Brooks Brothers.  Great deep burgundy color! These are very lightly used, 3 times outside as can be seen on the scan.  These are $650 new!  The Brooks Brothers version is unlined vs Alden's version.  The unlined is nicer to wear without socks, for those so inclined.  You can actually see the Horween stamp on the Cordovan leather.  Price is $550 US including shipping CONUS.  For foreign buyers, please find a US proxy.  I...
Beautiful Augusta Horse Derbies from SS12.  Like new condition, worn 5-6 times.  Purchased in May from H Lorenzo for $2200+.  Great shoes! Scan on 5/17 "baller" boots/shoes thread.  
FYI, I have 3 pair of Aldens, all 12 D going up on B&S soon.  One is Brooks Brothers color 8 LHS, two is a pair of black plain toe boots, calf, barrie, and last kudu indy's.  Very lightly used, 3-4 times.  PM if interested.  Thanks.
I have some size 45 A1923 horse derbies available.  Worn only a few times.  Great shoes.  PM me.  Thanks...
Brooks Bros has some very nice tee's and cheap pricing at outlets.  I have a black one that is 5+ yrs old and still looks good, fits well, etc.  Check them out.  Very nice cotton.  Also, of all places, Eddie Bauer has nice tee's as well.  They go on sale a lot and come in talls, etc.
^^ The best bread in Paris, and that's a mouthful!
With Riesling I find a petroleum taste in some young wines.  Haven't had a gamey flavor except for certain red Burg's and Rhone's.
Anyone catching the Pebble Beach Concours.  Really beautiful cars from a bygone era.
Matt, stunning.  Even though you have no clue about white truffles.  Go to Aquerello in SF in the fall and be amazed.
As far as Augusta fit goes, the sizes are euro, so a 45=12 US, etc.  That is as of SS/12.  You can perhaps equal the quality, but not exceed it.  At that point, it's all about personal preference.  I also found the ma+ to be slightly bigger, a 45 in them has about an inch+ of room in the toe for me.  Fits well except for the toes, a tad too roomy for my taste.
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