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Classic track. Gets much play with my family every Christmas season. My dad was never really a "rock" guy and was definitely not into other David Bowie stuff, but this is one of his favorite Christmas songs.
I checked it out when it premiered on Friday. I really liked it. In the vein of the old show "It Takes A Thief".
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff the credit report.com commercials irritate me alot. the two grubby-looking guys lip synching (they dont even do a good job of it) a lame rhyme while driving a car or riding a roller coaster just sends a chill up my spine. i have a strong urge to punch them in the face. X1 I read an article that said the main guy in the ad is French-Canadian and speaks little English. All the guys have stupid looks...
Quote: Originally Posted by Flambeur Actually I really enjoyed the fact that there was nothing resolved and no typical "all is well" happy ending. I've read that's because it was originally developed as a pilot for a TV series, and then the decided it would be better as a film
Quote: Originally Posted by Slopho Tigers 7 Twins 5. The thing about overcoming a huge deficit is that you poop yourself out doing it most of the time. Extending pitchers beyond what they should do....for this era anyway. I really, really hope you're right.
Hey all. Got a new laptop recently and I'm trying to watch and burn some DVDs of old tv shows I have downloaded. A few of them I get an error message saying that I need the Divx mpeg-4 DX50 codec. The only one I can find is for the 32 bit system and mine is 64. Anyone know where I can get a 64 bit one or is the 32 bit compatible?
Quote: Originally Posted by ramuman For some reason, some comedians feel the need to do that (Dana Carvey etc.) to prove they actually are comedians. +1. Especially with Dana Carvey. I saw him on Leno a few months back and he was incredibly annoying. After his 2 segments, which was a lot of his old schtick, they brought out the next guest, Billy Mays. Leno had actual questions about his life, how he came up in the pitchman business, and...
^ Yeah, that. The first two were awesome, and dare I say genre defining. After that, meh. You really think Halloween H20 was better than the remake by Rob Zombie? I understand the vitrol. When I heard that there was a remake in the works I was pissed. I never saw his "House of 1000 Corpses" but did watch "The Devil's Rejects" at a friend's place. Sure, it was creepy but it was creepy in the "slasher porn" variety. So when I heard about his version of Halloween I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Davidko19 MLB: Who the fuck cares? I guess Joe Buck? Baseball blows Actually, Joe Buck blows.
Quote: Originally Posted by Modernist I've also switched back to records 2-3 years . Besides the above, the main reason is that the record forces the listener to pay attention: You can't skip forward to the next track, and you have to be there to flip the side. Plus the actual presence of the physical object helps focus to the recording. And the artwork looks so much better in 12". Bam! QFT.
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