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What does the SF community think of Charles Tyrwhitt? Specifically their tuxedoes...
You are ^ Try searching the site or calling directly for a quicker response than asking a forum
Only chubby people get this worked up over the slightest hint of being called chubby
You should at least let them rest that long for fear of becoming 'the guy that always wears the same pair of suede shoes every day'
Why would you go ahead with an order of shitty vegan chili? Man up next time
That's exactly my thinking recently, SPG Amex is good and with $5000 in charges in the first 6 months you get 25k points. Might make that engagement ring worth it. Almost...
Had to look it up... I know what I'm tying tomorrow
I bet he did
Gilt has some Akribos XXIV around that range. Some with automatic movements and others with quartz. sale ends tomorrow Not sure how good they are though.
Than*Self-taught, not one linguistics class. "No thanks to you dad!"
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