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I make lattes most of the time, so the Lattissima is better if that's what you do. When I bought there was only the citiz + frother available with the discount. On the plus side, I use it to froth the W&S peppermint hot chocolate, don't do if I'm damaging the aeroccino though. See above...not having to clean out the frother constantly is a huge plus if all you make are lattes.
interesting...with the darker varieties I'll definitely add sugar in the raw with pure espresso, but with milk they don't need sugar. Now that I essentially make latte's all the time I sort of wish I went for the combo machines. Especially when I need to make like 8 in a row.
Thanks, that saves me a trip.   On another note, I feel I've overused ristretto. Any other strong alternatives that are good for capaccino/latte? My guess is the Indriya and Arpeggio, but maybe there are others I've missed.
Any chance it's still available now? Trying to decide whether's it worth it to make a trip into the city for it.   I'm in the DC area.
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