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Winter and fall months may make the commando soles more appropriate for the elements for a boot like this.
Love the boots.  The scarf is pretty cool too!  Nice wife!
I doubt I would return that as a first.  Great looking boots!
This is certainly possible, but I suppose my point was that AE does not offer a better value for the money, unless you go with their seconds from the Shoe Bank. That is how I value AE and thus that's how I come to my dichotomy about price and affordability.  This is simply my opinion and contribution to a thread comparing AE and Alden.  You are certainly entitled to your opinions @RogerP and @archibaldleach.  I have several C&J models and have had Carmina shoes as well.  I...
You are certainly within your rights to do so.  I think you have the wrong thread though...  . I believe Carmina falls within that price range (with calf at the bottom end--$500+ and shell cordovan at the top end--$750).  I believe Vass is more expensive with these same materials.  While I like Vass, Carmina is disappointing imo.  Keep in mind that most of my opinions come from my preference for shell cordovan.
^^^ Alden also has it own issues with some QC.  I haven't had any problems myself, but QC problems are well-documented on the Alden Appreciation thread.  I have both, but much prefer Alden.  I find them to be infinitely more comfortable.   To those who are critical of Alden for its "clunkier" lasts, it's absurd to make that kind of a blanket statement.  While the barrie (and Trubalance) last is a bit round and chunky, I prefer it for my (business)-casual wardrobe.  The...
I suppose the same can be said about creasing with shell cordovan with certain models like the PTB or the chukka.
Looking good in your winter ensemble Don L...
The BB shell blucher on the M-58 last is a little tricky when comparing it to the barrie last.  I go with the same size in barrie, but the M-58 last will feel significantly more narrow and trim.  It fits my foot perfectly in 10.5D.  The same size in barrie is a bit wider and rounder in the toe box, but the length should be about the same.  If your barrie size is snug, I would size up 0.5 with the BB shell PTB. All the best...
Someone got a great deal on a nice pair of lightly used ravello LWBs! http://www.ebay.com/itm/151465584981?_trksid=p2060778.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
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