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Anyone have any strong opinions on which would be the better casual boot makeup between a snuff Indy on commando versus a snuff wingtip boot (Barrie) also on commando? I suppose it's personal preference, but I'm curious what others might think. Thanks in advance...
Beautiful! Barrie last, from AoM?? @JSO1
The first pair of "rare/exotic" shell I saw in person was at Sherman Bros in Philly; ravello LHS, about 4 years ago.
I could certainly be wrong, but they look exactly like the BB, Peal & Co. shell cordovan boots I saw a few days ago. I could swear they fit identically to my 325 lasted RL-Marlow Wingtips.
I have the RL-Marlow wingtip in 10D. Fit is okay but a little snug in the toe box.
It actually felt very similar to my RL-Marlow wingtips... a bit narrow in the toe box but roomy in the heel cup.  I wouldn't be surprised if it were built on the 325 last.
I stumbled across the BB shell cordovan cap toe boot (burgundy) at the BB on 20th and Broadway last night (few blocks south of the Flatiron building). It is 50% off, $498. They have 9D and 10D in stock. Was tempted but the fit wasn't great for me. Labeled Peal & Co, but pretty sure they are C&J. They do have some shop wear on them. 9D is on double leather and the 10D is on dainite.
Winter and fall months may make the commando soles more appropriate for the elements for a boot like this.
Love the boots.  The scarf is pretty cool too!  Nice wife!
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