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Hard to imagine how one would put together "upscale beef brisket."
Ask the Hound about his posted vids on our (Alden) thread showing a man masturbating while caressing his shell cordovan shoes.  He doesn't garner a great deal of respect on our thread either.  He does have a point though, about "made in the USA."  Regardless, AE is a great American company for which I have a ton of respect. 
Wow, gorgeous!
  Don't forget the Dominicans! 
Thanks Sevenfoldtieguy and REguy for your thoughtful responses.  I will try to see if any local retailers have them in stock, but I haven't seen them around in a long while.
Was wondering if the Tremont last was TTS.  While the shape may be different, is the sizing similar to the aberdeen last?  Was interested in picking up a pair of the 974 (wingtip bal oxford).  I wear 10D in barrie and 10.5D in aberdeen.  Should I go with 10.5D in Tremont?  Thanks in advance!
I felt the same way until my first pair of ravello (LWB) arrived earlier this year.
Actually the seller must have come to his senses.  It was not sold.  The seller ended the auction as the item was no longer available (0 bids).  He got a better offer elsewhere is my guess.
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