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Still Basted. Modern Slim Fit.    Sh 18.5 P2P 20.5 Drop 8" Sl 25"
Mint condition. No Issues. Topied from day one. Hardly used.
Luxurious brushed wool in Navy with very subtle burnt orange stripes. Made in Italy by Cantarelli. Cantarelli was the maker of Ralph Lauren Purple Label suits few years back.    Sh 19 Lightly padded. Sl  26.5 Uncut Buttonholes P2P 22"   3 roll 2.5 BOC 32.5  double vented     Pants LO 8.5 IN 32.5 Out 42.25   Single Pleat/ cuffed and cuffguards / coin pocket.            
Zegna Su MisuraPinstripe alternating magenta/silverCashmere+Wool blend Tagged 56LRoma fit.2-B single breast, Double vented, double pleated, cuffed with cuff-guards. Crazy Mint condition.$500>>400>>$350>>SOLD P2P 23"Sl 26.5"BOC 33"Sh 20" Waist 40" +3" allowanceInseam (out) 31.5" (41)  1.5 cuff no extra allowance  [[SPOILER]]   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CARUSO 46R Mint Condition....
1. E Zegna $30      2. Dormeuil $30      3. Lanvin Paris France $30      4. Canali $30      5. T&A for Carrol & Co $30      6.BB Makers $25      7. Luciano Barbara $30      8.Charvet $60        9 PRL $20      10 Vestimenta Navy Italy $20      11.Ferre $30     12. E Zegna $60      13. E Zegna $40/each                       14.RTBOC        15. Thomas Pink Made in England $25 each        16. Brioni $30      17.RTBOC 2...
Allen Edmonds [[SPOILER]]   Allen Edmonds   [[SPOILER]]
3 roll 2.5. Mint, Clean Fresh. 46R Drop 7.  Single Pleat and cuffed. $200>>$175>>$160.                        
Classic pair of wingtips in excellent condition. They were topied after purchase but seldom used you can tell. I have left them 'as is' leaving the polishing to the delight of the buyer.  Beautiful color. $250>>$225>>$200
Crisp Mint condition. Single barrel cuff. spread collar. MOP buttons.
Cordovan Color - Made in Italy Double soled. Very stylish Last.
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