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Fabric Charles Clayton 150s Made in England   Measurements   Shoulders 17.75" BOC 27.5" Sleeves 23.25" +1.5" (Uncut buttonholes) P2P 20"   Flat front Waist Opened to 36 LO 7.75 Inseam 28.25 Outseam 36.75  [1.5" cuffs]                    
Predominant Herringbone with another complex alternate weave running along.   Measurements Sh 19.5" Sl 24.5  Working cuffs BOC 29.875" P2P 22"   Waist 38" +2" max Inseam 31 + 3" Outseam 39.75" LO 8.75"        
Shoulders 19.5" Sleeves 26" BOC 30.5" P2P 23"        
Wool slippers, with Brooks Brothers signature tartan pattern. Leather sole. Tone-on-tone stitching. Made in England.   9.5US
100% Linen   Measurements SH  18" Sl 25.5" BOC 29.5" P2P 21"          
Peak Lapels  Single vent Fully Lined Mint Condition   Measurements SH 19" SL 26.25" P2P 23" BOC 31"   Tagged SZ 46    
Mint. Possibly NWOT soft hemming at cuffs.   Working (Split) cuffs but NO buttonholes yet.  + Ticket pocket.  Quarter Waist band at back of the jacket.   Brown plaid with Blue Windowpane. Two-button suit, made from wool, woven by Barberis. The Regent Fit is updated with slimmer lines, a narrower lapel with pickstitch detail and trimmer trousers. Interior pocketing to eliminate stress points, hand-sewn upper armhole for added comfort and movement. Railroad stitching in...
Measurements   Sh 18.25" Sl 26.25" P2P 21.25" BOC 32.25"   Waist allowance 3" Inseam (Out) allowance 33.5"(43.5") + 3" LO 8.5"   Center vent, Flat Front.   Italian fabric woven for BB.
Two Button, Double vented, working cuffs.   200>>180>>175
Single button pach pockets unlined blue grey blazer.   Measurements Sh 17.5 Sl 25 P2P 20.5 BOC 28.5
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