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No but the resulting power vacuum could be pretty interesting.
You know, I hear you man. And part of me thinks that.   What about the guy's wife and the fiance? Honestly, if I were in either of their shoes, I would want a stranger to tell me ASAP.
How would I play it subtly? I have an idea of what I would do. I wouldn't go charging in guns blazing. Also, I don't know that anyone at the firm knows about my history with the girl and to be honest, there wasn't much.   In terms of bitterness, I concede that I'm bitter about a lot of things related to work. I don't think I'm bitter about the girl dumping me.
As I mentioned, I had some financial concerns about the company. If the place was going belly up I was going to get a head start on getting out of there. Not really ethical or a good excuse, but again, as I mentioned, I can be a scumbag. I had access because it's just a desktop left open after hours. It's not like I'm some brilliant hacker or something.
I think the whole thing would be contingent on not getting caught. But I like the expression.
With regard to the points brought up by ktrp and Kurtz, I agree to an extent. I don't really think this has nearly as much to do with D dumping me as it does with my feelings toward F. Maybe on some level, but the whole situation really makes me glad she kicked me to the curb. (And I understand the irony of talking about her moral fiber in a thread where I'm doing and suggesting all sorts of shady stuff).    
I agree. The resume and getting the hell out really is the best plan. I've heard it from others I've consulted with. (The general complaints, not this specific issue).   With regard to getting dragged in, the idea was to do it anonymously. My balls are not near big enough to just throw the e-mails down on the dude's desk.   All in all, I think a lot of good advice has been doled out in this thread. I truly appreciate it.
On some level certainly. Logically I can see that I dodged a bullet by her dumping me. The fiance is in a bad spot. On some level it's about F. He was really mean to me when I started work (I think he's warmed up to me since then). I keep hearing this and it is truly very good advice.  
On some level, I'm certain you're right. Obviously if I think about it logically, I dodged a bullet by her dumping me. I wouldn't want to be in the fiance's shoes. (And I recognize the irony of talking about her moral fiber in a thread in which I've admitted to doing unethical things and am considering doing more.) On some level I think it's about punishing F too. The dude was not very nice to me when I first started (He's warmed up to me since then). And I got fucked...
While that was certainly my first reaction, I don't really understand why. I don't have anything to gain and if I get caught (although unlikely) it would be more than a little awkward.
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