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25 pair, mixed styles & sizes ( except for the 986's I grabbed )
New to me 1977 AE Madrid Patent Gator & Glazed Kid Leather. Very lightly worn on original soles and heels. Testament to longevity if cared for...
$2k+ NWT D'Avenza Roma Super 120s Light Brown Flannel Suit in 40R for $415   Nice distinctive detailing and craft went into this design.  The jacket has very minimal padding in shoulders, classic 3.5" lapels, and patch pockets.   The color in my interior has quite a mix of lighting.  The front overall shot is very accurate to tone/color of suit.   The flat front pants have a classic cut but not too full, very similar to JCrew Classic fit.  The pants have frogmouth...
i don't know, I used The Bay, NIB. I had called into OSB to see if they could make a trench in the brown and they said sure, for a custom order.
Xmas gift 1st wear - OSB Trench Captoe in Brown. Highly recommended!!
They also have some football grain Gridirons for 112..
Anyone else considering a custom shoe/boot with the football grain leather? Dalton, Fifth Street, long branch, Mctavish?
STP Wolverine 1000 Original Boots, 11 D Brown $150 Very Minor 2nd Blems - main one is a small lighter colored spot on the right toe. Comfortable as all get out, even for my non-Hiking, 12D foot. Good Smooth creases after wearing twice to work (about 200ft from car to office) Leather Smells Awesome! Selling because I found an even better, more rare deal on different 1000's  $150, Shipped & Paypal'd (CONUS) - Boot is Now 228 on STP, & Now excluded from...
Still waiting for confirmation for the order, so maybe I'll have my friend Elaine call for me...    Love the reply, one of the best shows ever...but not to be picky I believe the quote is by Jackie 'Chiles'; and originally Sidra.
Is this deal for real?  If you order more than 1 pair (I did) the shipping only increases 5 bucks.  
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