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Gyazo and flux are probably my most used downloaded programs, hexchat is good if you ever chat in irc rooms
This is not my entry (atleast not this mediocre picture of it) but this is what I wore yesterday Hat: H&M Jacket & shirt: Weekday Pants: Filippa K Boots: Dr Martens   This outfit probably costs less than what a lot of members might spend on a single knit 
I wouldn't mind the budget suggestion  Would also like "minimum of 3 different colors", alternatively "max one piece of black/white/grey clothing"
If this was irl I'd say Acne to see if you would believe it, and seeing it in person I'm pretty sure you would. In actuality though it's from H&M  I'm pretty sure +90% of my wardrobe would easily qualify for an entry-level challenge  
 This was a while ago, but this got available again in my size online and was even included in the sale, so I decided to go for it.Arrived today and it is literally one of the coolest pieces of clothing I've ever handled/worn (including my visit to LN-CC) I'll probably take some better pics of it come fall when it's cool enough outside to wear it comfortably, but until then here are two quick ones.
Some cool pictures from old IKEA catalogs   1970 (seriously how fucking cool are these, need to find out some more info about them)   1985   1990   1997   you can see a bunch more here if you want: https://www.buzzfeed.com/leonoraepstein/the-ikea-catalog-evolution-1951-2013?utm_term=.pqOQAYqgA1#.imYQ7d0e7R
Travail en Famille have some beautiful oneshttp://t-e-f.co.uk/
Damn those Kim Jones are actually sick
 idk what you guys are talking about
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