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You sure those boots are mens?
oh damn, I like those Unused ones price-range for non-leather ones?
Indigo-ninja paging @Synthese
Luxire is probably one of your best options for copying them.(you'll send them once and they copy and make a pattern of them that you can reference to in the future, with whatever changes or preferences you may want).
"I've probably shot so many people in games that I'm in a unique position compared to the kinds of people who never play video games, in that if the zombie plague does come, I'll know exactly what to do. The kinds of people who used to take the piss out of me for playing video games will be the first we throw over the wall to feed the zombies."   - James Blake, from interview in Fantastic Man no. 21
 Simplicity =/= "laziness"(as in looking like you do not give a single thought about your outfit)What I suggested you buy and wear is "simplicity" (simple but nice pieces that easily work together).What you're wearing is "lazy". Colors may be alright together but it's hardly groundbreaking that grey works with black. Disregarding that however your hoodie really is whatever and your shorts are plain ugly. Like I said, you look like the average dude who doesn't care about...
 Put simply, you look like the average guy who doesn't really care or think much about what he wears.Regarding if it blends well or if you pull it off well, the answer is probably that you can't really even use terms like that for such non-descript pieces. If you want to improve greatly with minimal effort and budget, just go to Uniqlo and get 2 pairs of jeans (skinny tapered model) in black and blue, a couple plain white t-shirts, a few oxfords (white, grey, blue) and...
Jacket looks alright, but those jeans look crazy tight (wallet in front pocket doesn't help either)
I'm tempted to say waywt truly has been ********* lately, but we all know what happens if someone makes that post so I will not.
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