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I'd get something more like the BLK DNM scarf with the b/w rose-print if I wanted a scarf for that fit. Something in washed cotton, like wrinkled and stuff would work too. But a wool scarf large enough to be a blanket worn with a t-shirt and no other top is just odd.
Thx for the tip, but looking for something more *cool japanese streetwear*-esque. So way more cropped, way more drop-crotch and some thinner fabric(which basically is describing the cdg ones, but ugh they bunch so much)
 Eh nothing wrong with skinny jeans in the right fit imo, it's nice to have some variety and different pants to change between.No way it will ever the only thing I wear though. Speaking of pants, anyone have any ideas for a cropped wool/cotton pair with heavy drop-crotch?Obvious choice are the comme de garcons ones, but the diaper effect on those when worn is just too much for me.
Contentedness thread is literally the best one on this forum, seeing that there's a new post in that thread is probably the most exciting thing on here. What I'm saying is that it isn't dead, it just doesn't update as often as other threads.
Skinny tapered are great. I think the coat you posted DLes was just a little bit too close to well-fitting and structured to look good in an oversized way. I left my huge pants to the tailor to take them in slightly, gonna be wearing them like crazy if they turn out well. I need a new white oxford, but Weekday for some reason haven't gotten in any sz smalls for the past 3 weeks, ugh.
 That's pretty cool, my hair is just about down to the bottom of my chin atm, so it'd be another 10-15 cm until it's as long in that pic, will have to see if I have the patience to grow it for another half a year. All the suggestions from everyone else are much appreciated as well, think I'll book a visit at the hairdresser for some trimming and maybe if she has some suggestions, and if not I'll try to find some of the stuff suggested (I've seen Bumble recommended before +...
For those that don't know what "Wings + Horns conceptual spacesuit" is supposed to mean
Fair enough. It still looked very cool though, and I probably wouldn't have found the store if they hadn't waved and asked if I was looking for the store hah.  x-post from hair-thread because I don't know how many here visit that thread and I'd appreciate any tips I can get 
Anyone have any tips for making hair behave and look similar to how it looks after drying it with just a towel out of the shower, after it has completely dried? Basically my problem is that it looks great, textured and a bit messy while it's still wet, but once it's dry it's lifeless, straight and boring.
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