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Probably the first time ever I've not disliked longcoat-sleeves rolled up
Still waiting for them to pop back up on Nike iD so I can order a pair similar to these
I like this suggestion, but it would probably result in 10 or less entries so I have another idea:SW&D Niche Team ChallengeWe come up with 4-5 different categories that all have to be pretty niche and unique (for example like the above suggestion)Each category gets a corresponding team, and people simply write in the thread which team if any they'd like to join.People could also suggest new teams if they want to as long as they're also unique/niche/fun.First come first...
Polar opposites is cool. I'm sure a lot of people have diverse wardrobes so something like "alter ego" might be hard since people (or atleast I) already wear all sorts of possible combinations, but you could still make two very contrasting outfits if you wanted.
Noctone, welcome back Shmoo, welcome to the forum, outfit looks really good, do please keep posting Arm, sneakers are great (well everything is)
B!CD do you have any nice runway/stock pics of it? Might just do something stupid/great Edit: Nvm just noticed shipping would be 160$ 
Anyone happen to have any lemaire/futuristic/minimalistic/volume/clean type of denim inspiration pics?    Have lately been thinking about how to incorporate blue denim into my wardrobe and while I like a lot of the stuff posted so far in this thread it's either mysterious indigo-sorcerer/apprentice or just a bit "normal", and I don't really want either of those. The exception would be Nakas super-large jeans worn with the white shirt, those are cool and something I'd...
Outerwear is what they do best, and their knits/sweatshirts and trousers are usually pretty nice too. If you want a shirt, t-shirt or jeans it's best to check it out in person before buying.
Are those converse still available somewhere? Have kind of wanted some lighter colored footwear lately and those are really nice (I'm a sz 43 if that makes any difference)
I think you should sell that stole to me if you don't intend it to use it as one anyway 
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