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Am I the only one not finding a "sale"-section on ssense?   edit: ah I'm stupid, it hasn't started yet
Is it weird I feel honored to have been part of that miran-post?
More Guerilla Group
Yeah shoulders and length both look really good, just get the sleeves tailored a little
those jeans and nikes are so good
Continuing on what ^said: 1.@jet has been talking about making a "good basics"-brand, and he seems like he got it atleast partially figured out 2. You guys have established customer-base and could give his brand exposure 3. ??????? Get together and make this shit happen 4. Profit!
Lists usually correlate top to bottom with the clothes worn top to bottom (and in case there are several layers, outer to inner) 
I don't think I receive emails from styleforum, where would I sign up to receive aforementioned newsletter?
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