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x-post from Luxire thread  Also featured in the above outfit is another pretty recent purchase, so here's a better picture of those.
Received my custom belted button-less shawl-collar robe yesterday [[SPOILER]] Collar and fabric isn't exactly what I wanted, but none the less very happy and it will get a lot of wear, both in place of lighter jackets as well as a layering piece.
Hah was actually originally going to include in my comment that if you was wearing all Lemaire it could maaaaybe work    None the less, I don't think that particular upper works with a thin sole (I don't even think it works with the normal sole) and if I saw someone wearing them I'd assume they were some 10$ knockoffs (of which I've seen plenty, in exactly that design)
Fixed it for you (please don't buy sneakers with soles that thin, the proportions looks ridiculous)
Bad pic, but this is easily one of the best things I've ever made considering how easy it is [[SPOILER]]
Not allowed to damage the walls in any way (even if I repair it after) so I doubt I could go much higher without losing stability Regarding painting the drawers, I think it'll be fine as it is once a bedcover in the same color is on. Also, the way the room is set up the bed will double as the "sofa" so a dark cover will probably look decent for longer periods of time than a white/light one would.
Do appreciate the inquiry, actually wondered about it before when I put it together but forgot to ask about it.
The "top" sheets of plywood only extend about 10cms in underneath the matress (the drawers obviously a bit more, maybe 30cm), but besides that it's completely open and empty underneath besides the built-in bed slats. I was thinking that this should be well-ventilated enough but maybe I'm mistaken?
Yeah I definitely think you could say so, I got the initial inspiration from a post on ikeahackers which I then tweaked a bit in both design and construction (drawers instead of cabinets and simpler construction in general).The mattress is also IKEA which I added my own legs to along the wall, on the side towards the room it rests on just the drawers. Bottom two pieces of plywood are attached via the inside of the bottom drawer but could be pretty easily removed for...
X-post from the furniture thread
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