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Super cheap HM linen-suit for graduation  (arm-creasing less apparent in person, will have sleeves and pants slightly tailored)   +super cheap HM shirt to be worn with suit
you will get way more use out dark grey/black jeans than lighter grey jeans
 Nice buys 
 Hah just wrote this in the NMWA-thread: einstine: COS Technical Layer Coat
Pants make it a bit too much imo stitchy, would prefer something more muted and tapered (which also would make the boots look better) Jacket looks great 
(feel like I've been spamming this thread lately, so this will be the last pic for a while)
Yeah same, his stuff has been a mix of good stuff and so-so stuff, but he shows his best side on this album.Also the instrumentals are seriously great  
Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Piñata 
 lol stitchy looks so happy (also, MARJELLON BOOTS!!!)
Have also had the opposite happen, posted an all-black fit a while back that got like 40 thumbs here and +80 rep over there ​
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