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What I'm most confused about is how that in any way relates to what I wrote, seeing how it's basically everything I want rjb to avoid
Well first of all it's very rare that I like broguing on any type of shoe so I guess I'm a bit biased there, but besides that there's just so many bad things about those.First off and the most obvious one, why oh why would they put a potentially cool upper on a dainty cheap-looking rubber sole.Then they just had to go and imprint the leather with some kind of pattern to make it look more "exotic", as if the design wasn't already busy enough as it is.And lastly, it looks...
 Huge fan of pants but as you say the shirt is (very) incongruous [[SPOILER]]
If everyone in here could just not bid on that (so I can win it for cheap) that'd be swell.   Thanks.   It's probably too small for most of you anyway so I'm saving you money.   (Not really sure how high I'll go but I promise to put up a good fight if you wanna have a go at it)
About a years progress [[SPOILER]]
It's called the resort shirt on the swedish site http://www.hm.com/se/product/40841?article=40841-A
Oversized/loose fitting cuban collar shirts is what I think I'll be wearing this summer, Acne made some nice short-sleeve ones last year and H&M just put up a decent looking longsleeve one onlineObviously to be paired with voluminous and oversized shorts or trousers
Far prefer the sole on the Juun Js (and the more discreet ribbing as well)
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