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J Crew and Club Monaco have cheapish popovers, and there are some nice-looking cuban collar shirts on sale by COMMON Swedenhttp://cmmn-swdn.com/
True Also very true, even more so since the reason I got the car was that I at the same time got a job with a 30min commute(attempting to get to work by train/bus in the swedish winter is an all around bad idea) Last winter it actually even dipped down to -25° for a few days Thanks guys, have had it for about 2 months now and recently passed the 2-year mark for my drivers license, so yeah I'd like to think I know how to use it  
Forgot to include this is in my last post Nothing amazing, but it's my first one and I'm very happy with it
thx synthese
http://www.snowmantailoredgarments.com/snowvershirt/ COS also pretty much always have a bunch of shackets/overshirtrs
Better pics of blazer Quote:Originally Posted by kindofyoung   Christophe Lemaire  [[SPOILER]]
Top is cool, pants would be so much better in black Really wish you would get a better haircut
H&M Studio Christophe Lemaire  [[SPOILER]]   Weekday x2 Vintage
I eagerly await you inevitably selling it off as you seem to eventually do with all of your clothes  
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