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Arthurs really look nice, planning to pick up a pair in the future
1 is quite cool   2 is very cool   3 is pretty cool   4 is kinda cool   5 is kinda cool   6 is really cool   akoustas is not cool
Has this been posted about or linked to in any threads? Just found it since Auximenes wrote that his post in waywt-thread it was a cross-post, had no idea @myshoeiswet had started the thread   Anyway, last minute entry
Kinda related, for the past couple months I have made it a rule to always try on tops(tees and sweatshirts mostly) in M-L too before I just buy my "true" sz S, and I almost always prefer it sized up   
I'm not sure what this wrap/scarf/cape-thing is, but I really want it
Good deal http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/clover-jacket-in-dusk-marled-grey-fuzzy-wool-with-charcoal-knit-sleeves.html
I've mentioned before that I'm not always as big a fan of your fits as a lot of others on here, but that second outfit... Awesome  Nitpicking, but I'd try cuffing the pants like ~5 cm to make the "gap" a bit more noticeable, would make the silhouette more interesting imo  [[SPOILER]]
I really like this, Nicomede Talavera why do you have to be so expensive
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