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Two e-thrifts from yesterday and today Filippa K Burberry
This is a very good summary
Anyone who has knowledge/experience with Burberry outerwear besides the trench coats? Wondering if there are any easy tells a garment might be fake or not If you think you can help me if you get some pictures, do please send me a PM
 What size is this? 
I unfortunately wasn't able to get a proper fitpic, but this is what I wore today together with black wool pants and Dr Martens Arthur
 +10000And the best thing is it just gets better and better, easily one of my favorite series ever   [[SPOILER]] I really want season 2 now
Update on this, just finished the first season.It starts off really strong and just gets more and more interesting, but it unfortunately didn't keep it up, starting to collapse a little around episode 5.Although the finale was extremely surprising, it was almost so surprising that you felt annoyed with just how left-field and out of the blue it was, not at all en episode that really tied it all together or provided satisfactory answers imo.The creators probably wanted...
Just saw the first two episodes of "The OA", seems really promising with interesting story and solid performances from all the actors.
 When sales season comes around: Bonus fact: The original unaltered picture is only visible for about 0,6% of the GIFs total duration
You should come visit the SW&D WAYWT thread  (and x-post this outfit there)
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