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 Oh shitWho is this and why is she not already posting outfits in WAYWT?
 Hard to say, I think they would look tacky on me but I also have a friend who would wear them well
If you go the above route I think it might be a good idea to drill a small hole a few centimeters deep right where the crack currently ends. It's a general technique used for stopping cracks (reduces the point of stress) and I can't see much reason why it wouldn't apply to some degree here as well. Then fill it with gorilla glue just like you did elsewhere followed by smoothing and staining.
I'm pretty sure that what he's saying is that following the split of Plokhov and Geller and their collaborative work, Geller has done a much better job with finding his own style and "aestethic" than Plokhov has (who just does reiterations of old Helmut Lang collections)
If you're eventually gonna get it anyway, you might as well get it right away.If I recall correctly I think they sand it slightly to make the glue adhere better, so I assume that the smoother and less damaged the leather the less they have to sand it. That said, it's not an issue putting on at a later stage as well, it might just have worn down a bit already by that point.
Just checked out the first episode of Angie Tribeca, somewhat disappointed after having already seen (the much better imo) "A Touch of Cloth"   S03E01 of You're the Worst was great, and very excited for Brooklyn Nine-nine to start again in 2 weeks
I certainly would, but it depends on the weather where you live I suppose   Putting on a ripple sole also looks awesome
Bit late now maybe, but in case anyone wants a cool Dries-esque shorts suit http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kind-u/item/570216002194/ http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kind-u/item/570216002195/
Plenty of outfits in the last few pages that would qualify for the new SW&D Challenge Thread    COLORS APLENTY! (September 3-18)
  Sorry been swamped at work and completely forgot about setting up a new one, but here it is: SW&D CHALLENGE: COLORS APLENTY! (SEPTEMBER 3-18)
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