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 @Fuuma have you ever posted photos of your apartment when it isn't just the background of fitpics? Would be cool to see
These look pretty goodhttp://www.linjer.co/collections/men-weekenders
What are you doing Synthese   This is madness   Do you even have any footwear left?
 Yes to everything here please, from what I've heard the Joachim brothers are really cool and friendly(they are also working on their own brand which I'm very excited about and I'm sure others here also would be)
Stores, arranged in order of how cool they seem: Colette, Yohji Yamamoto, Adieu Paris, 1ldk, Damir Doma, Costume National
 Yeah it'd definitely be similar to both instagram and pinterest. Upwork seems like a good idea for something like this, thanks for the tip Possibly, I've mostly seen wordpress used for blogs but might be ways to incorporate memberships on there
 Yeah the fact that it's way more complicated than what I originally thought is something I quickly realized hah. Features I'd wish for would be: - Individual accounts with the option of uploading and tagging pictures - A front page where pics or certain tags could be highlighted based on popularity/comments/mods selection - Profile pages that you can share via unique url that anyone can visit  - Search function available for anyone regardless if you have an account or not...
 Doesn't seem like users can have their own individual accounts on sites created there After googling around for a bit it seems like I will have to learn real programming if I want to make my idea come true ugh  
Anyone have any experience with website-builders like weebly/wix/sitebuilder?   Would like to make a website where you can register and upload pictures with tags for others to see regardless if they have an account or not, but among the several hundreds of templates these sites offer I can't seem to find anything even close to this.
Snusmumriken is honestly pretty much exactly how I imagine you shah
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