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Yeah BLK DNM are pretty reasonably priced, they are however much more "rock n roll" than say the stooges or the classic SLP biker. Acne needs more love though, pretty standard prices (about 1500$) for leather jackets and all the ones I've tried have felt very solid, both leather and construction-wise
Cdgh+ for that price or lower is pretty common on rakuten/yahoojp
I just want to say that reviewing products in a way that they are not at all supposed to be used is a fantastic idea, and would allow you to be pretty much completely unbiased even if you got them for free. They still get some nice pictures of the product before, during and after the "test", and their name at the top of the page so some exposure, but the "review" should still be very fun to read if done well. (And then people can just chime in in the comments whether or...
Very simple advice: Go read the 50 most recent pages in the SW&D waywt-thread, then just lurk or feel free to post pics and questions related to your outfits
Hah yeah it was a compliment, have only heard good things about them on sufu (distorb if you've had any interest in the thurston bros x styleforum you could probably get something very similar there, they do special orders and such)
Pretty sure 2k is way too much to blow on sneakers in one go, but anyway: Solid colored Balenciaga Hi's, still one of the best baller sneakers available in both design, price and quality Common Projects lows, simple but for classics there really isn't a better white or black low sneaker Last pick is kinda whatever, but KVA runners are really cool and would with the above two choices cover a rather wide spectrum of different styles
This watch really isn't much compared to the other stuff posted here, but got it as a gift from my grandfather some year ago and just recently started using it more regularly, so I figured I'd take a pic   
A few fits from this past week (back to school so I haven't really had any time to take pics during the week)  
Lewlew make solid shit
Y'all silly
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