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Ye I haven't gotten a good impression of aiaiai's other offerings either, but iirc all the overhead models get good reviews (have only tried the studios for a brief moment, but they seemed nice)
goddaaaaaaaaaamn that blazer tho fisherman also looks nice
If you want a seriously good-looking pair, check out AIAIAI, they got 2 or 3 different models that all get pretty good reviews (you should probably try these on first though, the "tone" isn't quite the same as normal cheap headphones and atleast one of their models has an uncomfortable headband according to some)
Well I mean, Luxire is an option for both dressy and casual stuff. You have to be pretty specific with them though (which can be both negative or positive depending on what kind of customer we're speaking of) so it's possible you're right that a "simpler" alternative could be successful
My tech layer coat from last year has held up really well, no loose threads or anything besides the buttons which I've had to re-attach. Granted, retail was a bit more for that than the one above, but I doubt there's any noticeable difference in construction
Damn, if someone near ^that goes and there's some nice knitwear from Acne, Dries van Noten or Carven(+similar, you get what I want) in size small, do please let me know
Geller is up on the site, the lounge coat is so cool http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/shawl-collar-lounge-coat-in-glenplaid-wool.html
Skinny tapereds are great, am going to order myself a new pair next month
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