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Hoodie and sneakers will obviously work together, but those jeans are really out of place. Even more so with the weird single-cuff, with that cut and length I feel like you're trying to make a pair of jeans fit like a pair of suit trousers.
My vinyl collection so far and how I showcase it  (finished putting up the shelves just a few minutes ago) (got GKMC on the way + another planned purchase once it drops this fall from a swedish artist)
An official Diniro endorsement, can't ask for much more than that  Will probably almost always wear these with either one of my three pairs of black oversized shorts (lol), which makes the white ones a pretty easy choice for me.Pretty sure you have a way larger collection of non-black pants/shorts than me though so you'd probably be able to wear the black ones really well. I don't suppose you've seen them in person and know how they fit? (ie tts or up/down)edit: got them...
Considering these for summer, to be worn sock-less with oversized shorts  [[SPOILER]]
No idea if anyone here ever listens to this type of dubstep, but I'm pretty excited for Eptics new album
Bit of an update on my room: First off, an updated version of the view you've already seen. Finally got some pillows and also put up my bed lamp and Nasa posters which I got a few days ago.Also switched out the ceiling lamp for an IKEA Melodi (largest version), planning to paint it with some minimal green and orange detailing. On the opposite side of the room is my "media wall" which now is also complete with the kentia palm. [[SPOILER]]  Still got a few other things left...
I feel the opposite My jeans wore through in the crotch and I haven't bothered having them patched up for like 2 months now. Trousers/shorts are just so much better most of the time
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