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Is there a SW&D interiour design/house/living space thread? If not I feel like discussions like that could sort of fit in such a thread, along with plenty of other related things I'm sure lots of posters are interested in, like interior design related purchases, pics of your places, nice pics of wardrobe solutions etc etc. (not that further discussions on it's own couldn't be interesting, but I don't know how long a thread with only that and nothing else would survive)
Something a bit different than the several thousand dollar-pieces you guys post here: I'm moving into a studentroom in something like 3-4 weeks and I'm looking for inspiration on "simple"/"minimalistic"/"yougetwhatImean" furniture. The only certain thing is I'm going to build a bed-platform of sorts with storage underneath, which basically leaves me with room for a desktop, some type of shelf and a bureau (the room is only 15sqm hah)   Obviously that's not a lot of...
Not really anything special as far as tv-series go, but they did have a recent episode I saw just some day ago with a story very similar to the one you wrote (which is why I asked)
Any chance you've been watching Second Chance?
Yeah they're steadily improving, past 2-3 "Trend" seasons have had lots of nice-looking pieces.Only seriously bad thing is that they cut the pants too short, even the ones that look long in their model pics.(have two pairs of pants that flare but unfortunately they are both like 5cm too short which just makes em look weird)  [[SPOILER]]
No idea about quality (though I've been relatively impressed with the other pieces I have from their "Trend" sortiment, but H&M have an absolutely beautiful MMM-looking suede jacket online.Kooples (SLP copy brand) have also made nice suede truckers before + other similar brands also have
Hah I'm afraid not, unfortunately nowhere near as cool as him but I thought the design was cool. Got the answer in the comments to his post about it though, it's by Dominic Michaelis
Rather boring first post in this thread (have lurked for a while) but anyway, anyone know the designer of this?
I like them, though I may be a bit biased since I'm a big fan of air rifts as well and ^those are basically a less weird version of them
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