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Thrift shops here in Sweden are generally pretty shit and mostly consist of old shit from H&M/similar, but the one thing there's an abundance of is vintage outerwear.   One store in Uppsala has for this season jacked up their price like 200-300% for their shearling/fur-coats compared to last year, which is kind of dissapointing since they usually had a good selection. Luckily the rest of them haven't attempted any nonsense like that.   Would there be any interest for a...
This might be my very first post in this thread? I usually check whatever post is top rated for the day since that's always fun, but don't really thrift much personally Anyway, I did find this last week for a mere ~25$, only issue was that the buttons had been moved to make more room but it was like 10$ to revert and fix that.More or less like new condition with fur-lined body and collar, buttery soft suede and wooden buttons 
Thrifted another shearling coat Also got a few cheap rings to fill out with until I find nicer ones to replace them.
The Uncharted series is awesome, get the Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection PS4 Bundle for the console + first 3 games, and then the 4th when you're done with those.Both of the new Tomb Raider games are also pretty fun, not quite as cinematic but otherwise very similar in gameplay. Also, disregard the post below since it's pure nonsense.
 All these answers are how I've interpreted it and I don't mean to claim they are the final/definite answer but anyway:  [[SPOILER]] If you want to read even more discussions and observations from people way smarter than me, I can highly recommend visiting Westworld subreddit  
Okay now I'm honestly curious about these plotholes of yours, or if you just haven't grasped the major plottwists that people on reddit have managed to figure out way long ago?More or less every big reveal or happening from the last few episodes + probably how the 10th episode will play out has been predicted with ridiculous accuracy by people delving really deep into the story, the characters, the cinematography and even the characters names, starting with the fact that...
Don't think these were ever posted here, but @Rais's sister dresses cool  
Glad to see there were already people in active discussion when I got in there, A+ initiative
J. Lindeberg (need to get a nice pink shirt so i can fully copy @conceptual 4est)   Some tour merch, Chance the Rapper and Broder John (my favorite swedish artist, here's his recently released debut album)   Ridiculously cozy knit and ridiculously large trousers, both from Acne   The perfect pair of pleated loose wool-trousers, courtesy of COS   And lastly, you know how sometimes you just want to wear something understated and modest? These pieces are not...
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