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Sure it looks "fine", spope always looks cool, but it's imo not as good as any of these: [[SPOILER]] and because of that I don't see why he should settle with "fine" when he has the wardrobe for extraordinary stuff. Then ofcourse maybe I'm completely wrong and the boots look far better than dunks would (though I highly doubt it since the hoodie is very scab-esque and those pieces almost always look best with some dbss/ricks and t-shirt), but I still thinks it's worth a try...
That (hoodie) would be way cooler with dunks instead of boots and a t-shirt or two instead of the shirt
Fit is good, strugglebun is bad
Damn, that is so tempting, but what I actually want is a white knit (not off-white or ecru or cream or some shit, I want white-white) so I will show restraint If anyone happens to find a cool white knit in size small though, let me know so I can kop with swiftness
COS have plenty of nice stuff imo, just not in the jeans and t-shirt department Knitwear quality always seems pretty good (relative to the price atleast), there are plenty of cool shirts if you don't mind fabrics that usually are pretty thin, construction on outerwear has felt solid for the pieces I've tried on, and if you don't have a really small waist like me, they usually have a few good trouser models too. Accessories are pretty whatever, totally fine though if you...
Reducing Yolandi to "a crack-addict looking woman" is ridiculous on so many levels
Sooo....I was lucky enough to win the Cardholder on their instagram-competiton some week ago and just received it, figured I'd post some pics and impressions. Put simply, I'll just add to what rach has already written and state that these are probably the best leather-products you can get at this price, and since I was planning to get this once they were released I'm really quite pleased. Leather is smooth and with no blemishes, about 1mm thick throughout the whole thing....
 but then it's followed by this  and now I'm confused 
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