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Dr. Martens Arthur
If you're not a troll I feel kind of sorry for your level of self-entitlement, lack of self-awareness and general obliviousnessGood thing you are a troll so I don't have to feel sorry
Fair enough. It just so happens that there was an awesome looking pair of pants on yjp and I'm living rent-free for two months anyway, so I just bought them.Any particular Zenmarking shipping option to avoid or prefer over the others, assuming I don't care that much how long it takes to get here?
On one hand I would love to try out a Yohji suit or just some pants, it does make sense seeing how I'd honestly prefer to wear wide and loose pants for the rest of my life. On the other hand it's a gamble ordering one from yjp/rakuten since it's probably 50/50 I'll look either alright or ridiculous in it, and I hate that kind of gambling.   So, if anyone here ever visits Sweden and can bring with them a (realtively) sz small yohji suit that'd be swell
Damn that's a steal
Hoodie and sneakers will obviously work together, but those jeans are really out of place. Even more so with the weird single-cuff, with that cut and length I feel like you're trying to make a pair of jeans fit like a pair of suit trousers.
My vinyl collection so far and how I showcase it  (finished putting up the shelves just a few minutes ago) (got GKMC on the way + another planned purchase once it drops this fall from a swedish artist)
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