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I do find it a bit amusing that when for the first time in a while the mens collection is really cool, the womens collection is actually even cooler (just like it has been past seasons, only that then the mens collection was pretty boring while womens had a couple cool pieces)Maybe they've hired some new designers or something? Would explain this awesome developmentOr maybe they have earned profit and hold on the market that for atleast one season they can go a bit more...
Daaaaaaaamn!   Guess I know where pretty much all the money I havent spent on clothes in a while will be going   Seriously, I'd wear almost everything in those pics (that skirt, and that grey pull-over, and those slides, and that light grey coat, and that oversized knit )
 Sorry to nag, but in case this got lost among all other posts@gdl203@conceptual 4est
Awesome KKA double-rider sz 2, 700$ with no bids, ~4 hours left http://page9.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/k188254819#enlargeimg
Just realized I had f.lux activated which did a pretty major difference color-wise, so the purple-ness I saw was actually just my screen playing tricks. Might just get it now, that blue color seems much easier to wear than a blue/purple one.   Appreciate the quick replies     (so, if I'm usually a size small/46 I should get the M right? Or maybe L even, hmm. Greg/Kyle, possible to get some measurements for M and L?)
 Anyone have some pictures of this worn? I do like the color and could use some non-monochrome knit/sweater, but not sure how well it would work with what I have (colors are scary)Could work with black jeans and sneakers for a more SW&D look maybe? And dark-grey wool pants might work with black derbies (+white ocbd, but that's a kind of obvious pairing)
Maybe you could find a really dark green/red/blue? Whatever you choose I think mixing leathers with different thicknesses can work out well, just try to have them in as similar colors as possible.   Also really wish I could draw clothes like that, the sketches are awesomely anime-esque
Someone get Parker in here (can't tag on phone)
NMWA steez Have wanted this for longer, but greedily waiting for the second drop of sale made me miss out completely and retail is a bit much (170 euro) (feel like this one would be easier to pull off with more casual outfits though) Or if anyone has any other suggestions for a colorful lightweight scarf that would be appreciated
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