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Do you like cool collaborations?   Would you like to have both hands free while still carrying stuff? Do you feel that you need some more textural interest in your outfits?    http://suspensionpoint.ca/eastpak-x-nicomede-talavera-fleury-backpack-noir
That the Garett is stiff is kind of the point, don't think it's supposed to fall like a "normal" coat (though it doesn't work on/for everybody, so if possible it's probably wise to try it on first if you can't return later)
 No link, but I'm guessing either Public School because of sleeve-detailing, or KVA because of front-pocket
Am I the only one not finding a "sale"-section on ssense?   edit: ah I'm stupid, it hasn't started yet
Is it weird I feel honored to have been part of that miran-post?
More Guerilla Group
Yeah shoulders and length both look really good, just get the sleeves tailored a little
those jeans and nikes are so good
Continuing on what ^said: 1.@jet has been talking about making a "good basics"-brand, and he seems like he got it atleast partially figured out 2. You guys have established customer-base and could give his brand exposure 3. ??????? Get together and make this shit happen 4. Profit!
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