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 Much appreciated guys   Correct. Didn't turn out quite as I had imagined/hoped, but still very happy with it and it will definitely get a lot of wear.
This is also a bit "techy", but I really like it and want ithttp://www.coteetciel.com/en-US/isarau-backpack-black-ipad-air-bag Pic of it worn
Almost certainly a sz 1.In general I think that 56 is considered a sz small, 58 a medium and 60 a large. These obviously fluctuate a bit depending on brand but still
You already know what it is                 I really need more large pants
There's nothing wrong with the fabric itself, the cotton and quality both seem excellent, it's just less structured/thick than I ultimately would have preferred(it's also something I was kind of expecting seeing how it is 100% cotton, but one can hope right) For reference, this is what the design is based off: [[SPOILER]] If they ever offer some type of thick felted wool fabric in grey in the future I will probably get another one of these, which might turn out more...
x-post from Luxire thread  Also featured in the above outfit is another pretty recent purchase, so here's a better picture of those.
Received my custom belted button-less shawl-collar robe yesterday [[SPOILER]] Collar and fabric isn't exactly what I wanted, but none the less very happy and it will get a lot of wear, both in place of lighter jackets as well as a layering piece.
Hah was actually originally going to include in my comment that if you was wearing all Lemaire it could maaaaybe work    None the less, I don't think that particular upper works with a thin sole (I don't even think it works with the normal sole) and if I saw someone wearing them I'd assume they were some 10$ knockoffs (of which I've seen plenty, in exactly that design)
Fixed it for you (please don't buy sneakers with soles that thin, the proportions looks ridiculous)
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