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In the beginning he was a professional fighter   But then he went back to school   Then he made a leather clutch   Followed by some pants so cool   After that he does some furniture   And some trays to go with, he's no fool   Now he's working on smocks and shirts   @snowmanxl , is there anything he can't do???
I spent way too much time on this (100% hand-drawn)  Anyone have any suggestions for a good drawing tablet for beginners?
Say no to sweatshirt blazers
It should be this leather Changing both texture and color of something in GIMP/photoshop is very hard, but if you squint at the mock-up pic you will see it's the same color 
Buttoning point may be too high for my taste, but free shipping, free returns and on sale so worth a try  
A final thing about post-count before we let it rest for now: A higher one generally means you've been around longer and with styleforum being such a diverse forum in terms of different aestethics, you're more likely to have picked up a thing or two during the time you've been here. There are exceptions of course, but still, a higher post-count does make it more likely a post will be "good" whether it be an outfit, criticism or discussion.
Ugh why is this too small, almost exactly what I've been looking for and so cheap    http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/blowz/item/3006536420333/   Also a really cool Craig Green tunic in sz small for 250$   http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/157535-drops-2-24-craig-green-bless-cdgh-evergreen-norse-projects-devoa/
Saw a guy in school wearing the H&M double-rider from f/w 14, looked pretty damn good Regret not ordering it online, they only had it in 48 in the store here
Drew has mentioned previously he may come back to it, or at least be part of re-introducing it but with stock sizes which presumable would be stocked at other stores (online and real ones)
New Posts  All Forums: