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I think you should sell that stole to me if you don't intend it to use it as one anyway 
Yeah no disagreement that it's cheap, but what I meant to emphasize was that while it technically is disposable, people simply don't dispose of it the same way as they do with most other fast fashion, which in turn makes the price-point less relevant in discussions.
 I disagree When one speaks of fast fashion, aren't you almost always speaking about the current trend of getting copies of the latest on the runway for cheap and then throwing it away once there's something newer? (aka H&M/Zara)Uniqlo is still obviously cheap clothing, but they really don't bend to current trends anywhere near as much as other similarly priced clothing brands do.Also if you stop using something you bought from them, it's almost certainly because1. you...
 Besides "Uniqlo", the only other definiton I could find was "quantum leap orgasm"I truly have no problem admitting I did not know that (but you apparently did, so...congrats?)
Fixed it  [[SPOILER]]
 Sounds like you should come visit SW&D, we fully approve of both these in the right outfit 
 Colors are fantastic, but I think these sneakers bring the whole outfit down.I'm sure they're well-made and with great materials, but the slimness combined with wide "shaft" and slim sole just reminds me of something H&M would make
I used to have it, it's a really cool piece (that will get you a lot of confused compliments)  [[SPOILER]]   Just know that it's a very lightweight fabric so it wrinkles really easy, but unless you plan to do a ton of activities in it you should be fine
If you can get me some nice ackermann/schneider/dries patterned non-monochrome fabric in like 0,5-1x2m (aka kickass stole/scarf-size), I'd be very interested  
Big fan of the blue shorts, but pink ones are atrocious
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