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Shirt and shorts are both cool and something I'd wear, not sure Rick Dunks were the best choice though. (The derbies you wore with those other shorts and sweatshirt would probably work well)
Just a tip for anyone who wants a series to watch, "Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell" is really quite something. Set in England during the Napoleon-wars, it follows the two individuals the series is named after both trying to restore the use of magic in their country (it hasn't been used in 300 years)   It's seriously awesome.   Aaaand random fashion thoughts because....well there are some cool costumes I guess   Edit: God I just went through the first 5 episodes...
I think I like these Also getting haircut next week
Culottes are dope, below ones by Peir Wu, Acne have a pair of culotte-esque shorts too
 Goddamn this is cool  
These wonderful, indestructible, supercomfortable and all around awesome sneakers by Blanc&Noir       Story time: I joined this forum a bit over 3 years ago, starting out with a mild interest in clothing since a short while before that I had realized I dressed like shit. Before joining and also for the first few months while here I was intending to dress similar to just about every other "well-dressed guy" in Sweden, in other words some brogues/converse, slim...
 2014 called and wants its expressions back This is 2015 Synth's hair is on fleek
These have looked weird in every fit I've seen them with and don't think they suit your style either. Now the black HS reeboks on the other hand, those would probably work well for you (they are kinda reminiscent of the mmm vag-sneakers when worn)
I've seen streetwear shots I've liked with a white oxford or even more dressy shirt underneath a hoodie like that, idk if that's the kind of style you're after though. (For example: longcoat, hoodie, white shirt, slim jeans, "elegant" sneakers/derbies) Alternatively: hoodie, some kind of long white underlayer, big pants, shoes with non-slim sole (but that's probably even further away from what you're interested in heh)
Probably the first time ever I've not disliked longcoat-sleeves rolled up
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