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H&M with the kids version of Margiela futuristic/vag sneakers 
Oh man I love this shit, probably my favorite section/curation in a clothing store ever (and yes, the Lucio Vanotti...that camel robe will be a grail for me)Not even joking, they style pretty much every single piece I like almost exactly how I'd wear it.Can't wait til I graduate, get a job and actually can afford to buy all this shit. Speaking of, if anyone's interested in my black COS coat in sz 46 (it's the one with the technical vest/inner layer) do pm me, looking at...
 I mean, EG do them and they can look cool, so whats to say a more minimalistic approach couldn't work (I realize you probably weren't interested in discussing it, but I like it and am considering picking it up so I felt that I had to defend it )
Already got my Agi&Sam duvet-vest-thingie for that, just need to get it tailored a bit(from waist and above anyway, sorta like how it flares out under the waist)(guy on grailed I bought it off had marked it as a small but actually a 48, so it's a bit wide and falls a little weird atm)
Turns out this skirt-looking thing from COS f/w 15 is actually an apron (most likely still gonna get it, pretty reasonably priced)
Part of the new COS collection is online, including this dope collarless coat
Stumbled upon this polish brand on instagram the other day, called A2. Pretty simple but I like it, and this f/w collection is a big step up from the previous s/s one, so I'm curious to see how the brand might develop further for s/s 16      (Might just get the long denim coat, need some blue denim in my wardrobe)
 I like this a lot
    Coincidentally, this is a pretty good description of how probably the majority here will perceive your posts on this page.
I can't tell if indesertum is doing some advanced trolling, woke up on the wrong side or is just annoyingly drunk
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