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All eu46s rejoice!   http://www.styleforum.net/t/507227/falcon-garments-official-affiliate-thread-mtm-mto-leather-jackets/2070#post_8677165   Tons of great deals on various samples in all kinds of styles
Another two, both of them in pretty nice condition and size medium Not real shearling, they are made out of suede and then the fur lining + collar is a separate piece attached to the outer "shell". Dark brown/black one is missing one button   Both of them are 70$ each including paypals and my fees + whatever shipping is.
The Westworld finale though  
 I'm honored to have been included in this list, nahneun-san.
It's by Bless. It's what they do.
Stockholm Care-Tags meet-up featuring Daerfest, Baddarn and Costanza Conceptionist here from styleforum was also there, but he was unfortunately just outside the frame of the pic
Here's the thread!KoY's Vintage and Thrift Proxy Service
I'll just copy and paste the two previous posts from the Recent Purchases-thread and that will have to summarize as the thread description, so without further ado:   For reference I'm 184cm (about 6'0) with relatively broad shoulders and pretty long arms, usually a 46 in outerwear and 48 in tops One button missing (hidden behind my phone) but otherwise in nice condition, the overlapping front-part falls kind of weird when open but might be fixable leaving it under pressure...
@el Bert my only complaint is that knit, a bit too casual/slouchy for the rest imo. Turtleneck in the same color (or something liked a muted green/blue) would be great   @OccultaVexillum what synthese said below +1
I'm skeptical to whether there is enough available to warrant something like that, but I also don't really have the money to put out for a "risk" like that atm.But I'll take a trip round the shops tomorrow and see if I can find anything that might be worthwhile and put up a thread for it if so 
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