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 A bit late, but just got some (slightly) flared jeans I had been looking at, partly enabled by your endorsement and also that they finally got on sale. They are actually really cool.(not something I would have ever expected myself to say a few months ago hah)
You're doing a really good work with the pictures @EFV    I suppose it's not exactly what Pitti is known for, but with the amount of different styles that are a bit more out there I'm a little surprised by the almost complete lack of more voluminous pants worn in a "modern"/runway type of way.
 Fair enough, you're right about the cheesiness, but I do feel like it's harder to convey that feeling properly through film/tv than books.Other than that I'm also a fan of that they kept the slang intact and I like most of the actors (especially Chrisjen) but they have definitely been a bit slow about showing Holdens "good" side (there's luckily some more of that in the latest 2 episodes) This may be me remembering incorrectly, but there's so much that happens in the...
First you sell all your shoes and now this You truly are going mad [[SPOILER]]
film thread x-post
In case anyone missed my last post about it, I just want to once again let everyone know that Leviathan Wakes aka SFs favorite book of 2015 is available as a tv-series. Six episodes out so far and each one of them has been pretty fantastic It has also recently been renewed for a second season 
Was reminded of this track earlier today and now I've listened to it for pretty much the whole day, think that constitutes as making it worth posting here
Anyone that has handled the new(?) cable crew neck sweater? Surprisingly hard to find actually white and not off-white knits on a budget, and this looks pretty good   Also sorta tempted to pick this up on sale, to wear layered with like techy stuff, fits tts/slim?
 @Fuuma have you ever posted photos of your apartment when it isn't just the background of fitpics? Would be cool to see
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