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Correct. They fit a bit small so I had to size up which makes them look a bit big on me both because of that and the extra-thick sole, but other than that I like them. Suede is pretty nice and construction seems solid enough (not that I wear mine a ton, but no loose stitching or anything) so if you're fine with the price and like the design, go for it Much appreciated, especially the last part (for a while I honestly had no idea how I was ever gonna dress unique or really...
Here we go!
clearance20 CLEARANCE20 edit: my mistake, it has to be capital letters
I'm no expert but most of the stuff I've handled seems nice enough albeit a bit overpriced like you said. Paid more for this cap than I would have preferred but had been searching for 2 years for one that fit my head so it wasn't that hard to justify anyway (+front is made out of suede which is a nice bonus)eh it uses snap-buttons, something I just generally associate with kids shirts. A good cheap alternative would be a white uniqlo oxford (the casual "thick" ones)lol...
Hah I think it's mostly me playing with the proportions/sizing and getting better camera angles, I think I've been a consistent 6'0 (/183 cm) for the last year or so.Much appreciated, especially coming from someone who definitely consistently looks awesome  [[SPOILER]]I think I already wrote this in response to a similar comment to my last fit, but yeah I'm really quite happy with this "elongated+oversized look" and it's something I've started having in mind when I buy new...
Will try to get a pic of an outfit with my Eytys (bright neon blue should count as flamboyant right?) but until then I might as well x-post this.This has been my summer uniform for whenever the temperature is +20, really happy with the look considering it's mainly put together from a comfort-viewpoint. [[SPOILER]]
Goddamn those look good
Don't think it has been posted here so I'll do it, the new Challenge-thread is up: SW&D Sneakers and Trainers Challenge   If there ever was one where basically everyone can participate it has to be this one, so go take some pics people.
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