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This is one of the most entertaining articles I've read in some time, even though it probably lowers the chances of the elusive real interview ever being published.
I suspect they're so established among "trendsetters" as the ONE sneaker that works with everything (*cough* timeless classic *cough*) that it doesn't matter any longer if they are far from the best value, people will still buy them
 Meant to write quote, dunno why I wrote copyWhich would also solve what @dieworkwear said about involuntarily being a thread-starter, leaving that to the mods.
 While I understand your (you, as in Styleforum the entity) viewpoint, I just want to say that isn't this exactly what makes it one of the most popular threads on here?I find that the charm of this thread is not just it's incredibly diverse range of different subjects that it has covered, but indeed also the fact that the subject and discussions are incredibly fickle and can change in a second to something completely different (which I'm fairly sure the majority here are...
Fwiw I think those visvims are supercool and that they will suit you way better than any of the alternatives suggested. Kop
It seems that his curse of occasionally wearing footwear with too slim soles for the rest of the outfit has been around for quite some time. You forgot his outfit with that fantastic amazingly sharp-cut dark-blue (I think?) blazer/jacket that he since then has sold. Oh and the one with ridiculously padded shoulders and anime hair. Also, Megaman jacket.
I have somewhat recently become a big fan of tucked t-shirts and just want to say that I think it works really really well here.
Forgot to reply to all the comments to my first post in this thread, but know that I very much appreciate all of the thorough answers I received.   Actually got a chance to smell Wonderoud by CDG yesterday which I liked a lot and am contemplating buying, but the SA said that since it's a 100ml bottle I wouldn't be able to use it all up before the quality and smell of it degraded. Wondering if anyone else has any input on whether this is true or if it can be avoided as...
Sorry to say but none of that works. I hate that hoodie thing and while the vest is potentially cool in the right fit, neither of those pieces work in any way with the rest. Your tee, jeans and boots look like they should be paired with a blazer/buttondown/sweater/etc, to wear that vest you'd pretty much have to wear an all-rick outfit.
Is there a SW&D interiour design/house/living space thread? If not I feel like discussions like that could sort of fit in such a thread, along with plenty of other related things I'm sure lots of posters are interested in, like interior design related purchases, pics of your places, nice pics of wardrobe solutions etc etc. (not that further discussions on it's own couldn't be interesting, but I don't know how long a thread with only that and nothing else would survive)
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