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 There are lots of outfits where this would be a fitting comment, but I don't really think this is one of them
Over the top/"pimp" would make me for once take a fitpicture again 
 FTFY Dude looks dope
Best option I've found so far is to buy some wool trousers 1-2 sizes too big and having them tailored to your liking. (I haven't attempted flared pants yet though I am tempted to)You can also keep an eye out for Veronique Branqhuino (I probably spelled that wrong)
 I've been meaning to do an inventory of sorts of my wardrobe, start documenting the cost and time of purchase etc, anyone else who's done something like that?
Awesome, thanks man
 Even if licensed (which I didn't know about but yeah it almost certainly is) and not mainline, I feel like I should still pretty easily be able to get my ~200$ back on eBay if it doesn't fit? It is after all still a really good-looking full shearling coat in like new condition Also good to know I wouldn't be selling a fake if I put it up.
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