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A few fits from this past week (back to school so I haven't really had any time to take pics during the week)  
Lewlew make solid shit
Y'all silly
"No game no life" is very fun
Also I believe this thread just broke
 Just some dresspants on sale, 30$ instead of 150$ or something like that and I figured why notI should probably get them slightly tailored in the upper block though (as with all pants) but they're fun to wear so I'm in no rush to do that The only problem otherwise is that uncuffed they really only look good with my eytys, so now I want another pair of Eytys in grey or black  
After having worn them 4-5 times so far, I have come to a conclusion Big pants are awesome
Sometimes truly great things happen on this forum
Goddamn the algae coat is so cool
back home after a week in Alicante, Spain  
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