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 Would wear 
And here's what I wore today  (ok next fit will be with some other footwear than these shoes, promise)
 I think it might be that while I wear my other shoes quite a bit, most of my outfits with them (derbies atleast) are pretty normal/predictable or I've posted them before.Because of this I generally don't think it's worth to take a picture and upload, since even though more people might like it they are often outfits that just about anyone could have posted.Also I don't always manage to take pictures that show the fit the best, so who knows maybe you'd like it better in...
Yeah you're probably right that it's more about head-shape than how you dress (and I guess my wardrobe would be good enough) but damn I'd be scared to try, since as you say it can turn out really quite bad. I guess if someone who's a master photoshopper would like to give a try at shaving me that could be fun to see.Also I agree it tends to look better on older guys, which is something I neither am nor look like. Regarding shoes, a simple round toe derby with a slightly...
Just came here to post that   I want it
I probably have? Didn't give it much thought though (4est is pretty much the only white guy ive ever seen look really good with it, and I'm definitely not 4est-cool)Thanks man, what would you suggest? Footwear is actually the only part of my wardrobe I'm somewhat satisfied with hah. Not that I'd mind having more than 5 pairs, but they are all distinctly different and there are other departments in my wardrobe that are far more lacking. I always appreciate suggestions though
Yeah I just got home from Fury, it was very good
 I'm not exactly sure why fuuma is of the opinion he is, but when I checked out one of their stores in london it didn't seem worse than any other similarly-priced brand.Jacket looks good imo.
My first thought was that it'd look good in a "crisp" outfit, like just dresspants, derbies and white shirt (ie calvin klein, raf simons, jil sander) In other words what I hope my wardrobe will be like in a not too distant future.
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