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Favorite fit from you so far, that Dries looks sick Hey welcome back, this is cool, though I'd prefer white sneakers instead of  beige ones with the white tee peeking out.
So basically the fashion equivalent to Robert Downey Jr in Tropic Thunder
Yeah no I meant downtown areas too, if you go a bit outside of town there's obviously lots of space for development (I think it's Knivsta they for example currently are pitching hard on the radio) But atleast here in Uppsala where there's such a huge amounts of students they are tearing down old buildings left and right to make room for both student-housing and small apartments, both of which I'm pretty sure have both higher developed areas and footprints than what was...
Ah my mistake, you are probably right about that(though I've heard they're raising what is allowed regarding that too to try and fullfill the aforementioned housing needs, but it'll probably be a while still until anything noticeable happens)
We're actually moving away from shared garages and trying to incorporate more creative roof-solutions (including "pulling in" the top floor) here in Sweden too what with the huge need of more apartments and limited spaces that are still relatively close to the city, so I honestly wouldn't be surprised to start seeing more designs like that.This is also the very first course I have on this subject so it's still pretty lenient.
Looks fantastic, going to steal some inspiration from this design for this Urban Planning project I'm doing in school.
nonsense, I'm 99% sure you'd look good in a slim one (you got decent chin bones iirc? if so even more)  [[SPOILER]]  edit: lol im stupid
This honestly looks pretty decent even though it's Asos
Turtlenecks are dope and no way near as hard to pull of as people make them out to be.   Go for it.
 Fuck this is so good Easily my favorite silhouette (atm anyway) that largely influences the purchases I make and have made for the past half year or something like that. Just wish it was easier to find big pants, my current options are pretty much limited to thrifting or buying way too large pants on sale and trying to have them tailored.
New Posts  All Forums: