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Saw the white high balenciagas still up on sneakerboy and was kind of surprised of myself when I after a few moments decided that: "Nah I have my B&N's, I don't need another pair of white hi's"
Lemme know in that case
Looking for some advice:   Last year in London I got the "shiny"-ish (I'll assume you get which ones I mean) black skinny tapereds in the 98% cotton version. Tried on both 30, 29, 28 and decided on the 28/34 since I'd heard from people here that they stretched (which they did) Have used them extensively since then, and now they at last blew out in the crotch some month ago. So, planning to buy a new pair for fall/winter, and just wondering if I should get the same ones...
Something like Styleforum vs Reddit/superfuture would be fun to see (Most fun ofcourse if everyone were dressed for not playing sports, but I understand if some wouldn't want to do that)
 Just be sure to check out measurements beforehand, tried on a sweatshirt last season that was crazy tight in the sleeves and way too roomy in the body
Like the cap Tira, deets?
I just registered like with any other site, but don't remember if I could register that I live in Sweden or if I put in some japanese adress
Regarding LN-CC, there are still a lot of really nice Sidian Ersatz & Vanes shirts in most sizes for really cheap
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