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Regarding LN-CC, there are still a lot of really nice Sidian Ersatz & Vanes shirts in most sizes for really cheap
Pretty big selection up on Gilt JP, such as mustard bomber for ~200$ (46-50 available) and and both brown and black flight pants for ~120$ (46-50 both, black available in 52 too)
Biker jeans are pretty much a toned down version of the Nom de Guerre strap-pants, but they still pretty cool
Sister came home from Thailand today, got me this 100% cashmere scarf, it's pretty damn nice  
Nice to hear they turned out alright
I'm just going to assume that "slept on" means "slept on previous to this contest being posted" (though either way I'm pretty sure everything but the shoes almost never has been posted before)   Starting off with outerwear by Oliver Spencer Just from the pictures I'm pretty sure it'd be one of the most durable and best constructed jackets I've ever laid my hands on, the brass zippers work so well with the farleigh green and black ribbing, and lastly the design is...
I'm pretty sure I've written the exact same thing (or something similar) here before, but man how I love the feeling when you come up with an idea for a new outfit and it turns out great. Sure, it's very likely I've seen something similar before somewhere and it may not be that groundbreaking, but for myself it was still something "new", and surprising yourself is always awesome Bonus when it involves a piece you're not sure about keeping + a piece you rarely if ever...
Saw this picture Instantly thought: hah Dries Van Noten has started with gardering   This forum has changed me
I was looking at those too, scared to order "big" pants without trying them on first though Anyway if you get them (which you should ) I really really don't think you should taper them, silhouette and drape is already superb
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