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Geller is up on the site, the lounge coat is so cool http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/shawl-collar-lounge-coat-in-glenplaid-wool.html
Skinny tapereds are great, am going to order myself a new pair next month
I actually meant that the shape is a bit nicer, leather is probably a bit nicer, and construction might also be a bit nicer.   But yeah, the second part is correct, it's better to let sneakers be sneakers and for outfits that call for shoes simply wear shoes. And then if you do want to wear for example a slim dark blue suit, with some brown sneakers it'll be a bit "eh" (because brown shoes would have been nicer) but some white sneakers such as CP will work well and look...
Damn, bags made out of supple 1,8-2,0mm leather AND for less than 500$   These will sell out so fast if the construction is solid
You pay some for the brand, some for the quality (like usual) Pretty sure that while you probably pay more for the brand in the case of CP compared to Kent Wang, CPs are probably a nicer shoe overall. Oh and a black or white sneaker will look better with outfits than a brown sneaker +90% of the time (unless you get something like Butteros, if you have the matching aestethic)
The first two examples were obviously said with an element of humour, and the third was just a related thought presented before the question   Or anyway that's how I interpreted it
Who sold it? Have literally never seen it before (looks nice tho)
I honestly think that looks like a pretty cool jacket, though it really has no place in this thread
Geller long plaid shirt, sold out pretty much instantly everywhere from what I've gathered in the geller-thread
In case anyone is looking for a hoodcoat, COS just released a longer one than their previous iterations that could be pretty nice     http://www.cosstores.com/se/Shop/Men/New/Hooded_wool_coat/51655-19254797.1#c-22755
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