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canvas plimsolls usually look bad, no matter what you wear them with
Just go on etsy and have someone there make you exactly what you want
Crossposting some stuff from this weeks SW&D-challenge thread:
*accidental post*
  Didn't actually wear this out since the skirt, which is actually a shirt I've folded and tied is a bit too much of a hassle to wear. I do quite like the look though, and I can't imagine commisioning a simple cotton-skirt that looks like this would be very expensive...
Awesome, you need to post more often
I tried a skirt and I liked it The silhouette of the fabric I made a skirt just to try it I hope my friends don't mind it It felt so wrong It felt so right Don't mean I'm in love tonight But I tried a skirt and I liked it I liked it     Will take pics tomorrow  
this wrap-thingy looks awesome:  
 Someone NEEDS to order the DR in this leather with silverzips 
I'd like to see that GB fit with some different footwear NN, your wife looks cooler than you
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