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If you don't get it yourself, feel free to send me the link for it, I've been wanting a red or orange scarf for a lil while now
To some extent I also think it often looks more natural when everything isn't perfect, since in "perfect" outfits it can easily look like the clothes are wearing you instead of the other way around
Very excited to see how it turns out and hopefully there'll be more chances in the future, meant to participate with something but just never got around to it  Will there be physical copies or is it purely digital? (this might have been answered before but too lazy to search it out if so) 
J Crew and Club Monaco have cheapish popovers, and there are some nice-looking cuban collar shirts on sale by COMMON Swedenhttp://cmmn-swdn.com/
True Also very true, even more so since the reason I got the car was that I at the same time got a job with a 30min commute(attempting to get to work by train/bus in the swedish winter is an all around bad idea) Last winter it actually even dipped down to -25° for a few days Thanks guys, have had it for about 2 months now and recently passed the 2-year mark for my drivers license, so yeah I'd like to think I know how to use it  
Forgot to include this is in my last post Nothing amazing, but it's my first one and I'm very happy with it
thx synthese
http://www.snowmantailoredgarments.com/snowvershirt/ COS also pretty much always have a bunch of shackets/overshirtrs
Better pics of blazer Quote:Originally Posted by kindofyoung   Christophe Lemaire  [[SPOILER]]
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