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 I like this a lot
    Coincidentally, this is a pretty good description of how probably the majority here will perceive your posts on this page.
I can't tell if indesertum is doing some advanced trolling, woke up on the wrong side or is just annoyingly drunk
Lucio Vanotti f/w 15     
If there's anyone willing to proxy that stuff, do please PM me. (Sorta want 2-3 of the womens pieces too, so if anyone with similar tall/skinny-ish proportions to me that could potentially see if it works could do this proxying that'd be a plus)
Heyyyy someone noticed it Was also planning to put a cheeseburger in Stanleys hand but too lazy to morph his hand into holding it without it looking ridiculous(also just realized the eagle is a bit sharper than everything else, oh well)
Ask and you shall receive
First is really cool, the second one looks surprisingly good considering it's both a blazer/sportjacket-ish thing and it has buttons (which both usually are )
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