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I think OL is cool     also debating Dr Martens Arthurs or Story et Fall tan suede chelseas/sidezips Dr Martens - pro: they look very nice, would probably work well as beaters for swedish fall/winter, con: kinda redundant since I already have black derbies Story et Fall - pro: taaaaaaaaaan suuuuueeeedeeeee, a more diverse addition to my collection, con: might not get as much use because swedish weather   I'm really in no hurry or need though so might decide to...
 I feel like if you were to post some examples of women you find well-dressed they would probably be alright, but not terribly exciting or varied. Not that there's really anything wrong with that, everyone's allowed to their own preferences. But then continuing with ridiculing a woman who looks really cool simply because she does not fit into how you think women should be dressed and you can't appreciate the interesting proportion and texture-play, that is just stupid. If...
Saw this guy downtown, pretty unusual for Uppsala to say the least No vis: Ridiculously big goldchain, ridiculously big gucci-glasses And yeah walking is both boring and slow, pretty much the same reason I got my longboard (though it got stolen last summer so now I just walk/bike like everyone else)
Yeah that's exactly what I've been thinking too. Did you go tts or up/down anything? Hoping to find some store in London with them this summer so I can try them out.
Arthurs really look nice, planning to pick up a pair in the future
1 is quite cool   2 is very cool   3 is pretty cool   4 is kinda cool   5 is kinda cool   6 is really cool   akoustas is not cool
Has this been posted about or linked to in any threads? Just found it since Auximenes wrote that his post in waywt-thread it was a cross-post, had no idea @myshoeiswet had started the thread   Anyway, last minute entry
Kinda related, for the past couple months I have made it a rule to always try on tops(tees and sweatshirts mostly) in M-L too before I just buy my "true" sz S, and I almost always prefer it sized up   
I'm not sure what this wrap/scarf/cape-thing is, but I really want it
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