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Sup @Fuuma   http://ca.complex.com/style/2015/03/fuccboi-guide/
I think you may have suggested this before too? Or it was someone else who did it with a pic of the OL model [[SPOILER]]  Anyway I'm open to this idea too (at the moment I'm just letting it grow, haven't decided anything yet about future specifics) but desperately need new cooler glasses if I'm going to attempt this.
That's what I'm going for (almost half there), still need to do something with it until it's even and longer though (and really don't want to wear a beanie/cap all the time)  Kind of surprised that people don't seem to like my fit at all, but then again I have kind of felt myself continually going against what the majority love for a while now.Idk, it's interesting how being here longer makes you learn more and get a better sense of yourself and how you want to dress,...
Hair looks cool, that cardigan is the best one you have, no idea why you keep wearing t-shirts that short, pants are nice and lastly, Docs look better than GATs (though I don't mind the GATs much in this fit, looks fine too)
Revisited an old pic of mine and wanted to give an impression closer to what I experienced when I saw the "scene" in person (might have been better with a bit less "effect")  
  Pretty cool video of Issey Miyake stuff in motion
Yeah I've been thinking about it and recently tried out a H&M one (too much graining) followed by a Weekday one: [[SPOILER]] (Would probably get this if the lapels just were a bit smaller, fit was rather good and leather/construction felt good for the price) Did just win an auction for a camel coat on yjp so in no real hurry for another piece of outerwear, but intend to keep an eye out still since I really do like the DR design.(Suspect that I'd very much like one by COS...
 Got sold to someone in the US, ah well it probably wouldn't have been the financially smartest of purchases either so might have been for the best Still though, if someone sees a nice double-rider in the 400-500$ range(preferably) or below somewhere, do please let me know  
New Posts  All Forums: