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I like the sweat a lot, but jeans and yeezys are pretty whatever(you should check how OC styled those Kodak pieces themselves, that shit was cool)
Topman F/W 2016 (didn't care much for the majority of the looks, but thought this was really cool)
^Nice to see that they finally changed that awful site-layout to something more similar to the old one
x-post recent purchases
  [[SPOILER]] The fabric is black/black with green tones, not black/red like it looks in the pics and the pattern isn't quite as pronounced, but seriously such a cool fabric, from some angles the pattern is barely visible and then you turn it slightly and you're like DAAAMN. Slightly loose in the body and sleeves but should get plenty of wear once I've had that tailored, over all very happy 
Some brand called Royal Republiq will release this model under another name (Border) later this year in mens sizes http://www.royalrepubliq.com/webshop/ws-pr/pr2194 No idea about quality, ordered their Prada Levitate copies yesterday so will know better when those arrive
Both by Vagabond (swedish shoe brand, it's mostly whatever)The ones to the left look good in pictures but wasn't a fan of how they looked on foot (+ rather thin leather that got a crease just from me trying them on) From what I've heard, the leather on these is very underwhelming Those Tiger of Sweden look pretty nice tho
Adding to the apparently evergrowing list of things I used to dislike/hate but now want, I'm strongly considering these (chunky, all-black, patent leather) loafers   (should probably have cuffed my jeans)
Has anyone had existing shoes replicated, as in sending them in the same way people do with shirts and trousers? And if you did this, is it a reasonable guess that they would be able to make them more identical compared to if you'd base it solely off pictures? Edit: oh and a price-estimation would ofcourse be nice too
Anyone? Even some better pics of the fabric would be nice(It's supposed to be dark grey green camo)
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