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The cheapest good leather jackets imo are the ones H&M have started to put out pretty regularly, those are usually around 300$ but look way better than the ones you posted (just remember the good ones sell out pretty quick)After that almost the only good option in the 300-700$ gap are Schotts, if the US/Europe ones aren't slim enough you can try getting a slimmer version from Japan via Rakuten/YJP. Other than that keep your eyes on ebay/grailed/b&s for deals.Around...
Don't like either of them. First one has weird collar + ugly pockets. Second one just looks to much like a "normal" bathrobe Dunno any better options to the first (Nonnative I guess?) but Wings + Horns have a nicer looking option than the second one.
Looks great
Oucho is the owner of awesome brand Travaile en Famille, go buy his stuff, it's cool   (and would work really well with other brands stocked in a popular store here on styleforum *cough* @gdl203 *cough*)   http://t-e-f.co.uk/
There used to be pics but those were with the old last and glued instead of welted, so he probably just haven't gotten around to take pictures of the new model yet
Meanwhile in Europe, Mr Porter sale is basically 30-40% with a few 50% off 
Have heard very good things about "The Three-Body Problem", planning to pick it up once the store downtown gets it in stock.
 Easiest improvements: 1. Ditch graphic t-shirt, exchange for white t-shirt or white oxford2. Uncuff jeans If you want to do more, I'd get a better jacket, the one you're wearing looks mediocre and not in the Mad Max way.Leather is eh, superflous stitching and something like a brown leather jacket would work much better with everything else (check RRL for example)
 Damn this brand is awesome, some combination of this and Nicomede Talavera is basically how I want to dress (if you find some online-stockists do please let me know) 
Potsnu just get a long white/grey tee to layer under the sweater and that will be ace. The sweater is plenty rugged imo, just wish it was a bit longer/looser or had a less finished hem (so I think a longer tee layered underneath will improve the transition between top and bottom)
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