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Legion continues to be brilliant, every episode is a mindfuck and you never really know what's going to happen next. Aubrey Plaza is also great.   And just finished The Good Place, which surprisingly enough has the best ending of any series from last year or this year so far. Highly recommend it.
Awesome, just bought them   Anyone in the EU who happens to have some good recommendations for no-show socks I can wear with these?Preferably something cheap but alright off eBay/Amazon that I can buy like 20 pairs off and then throw away after the summer
 Was very tempted to get the black ones in sz9 but all sold out 
Nah no worries, I fully understand why others might be confused about the change in the direction seeing how I had a pretty good thing going.But yeah I just got bored, paired with the fact that it no longer felt like I was doing something unique or new (relatively anyway) which prompted this new direction. My cobbler didn't have any ripple soles so it'd just be a normal topy on top of the crepe, so they would more or less look the same as how they originally look, but with...
The details and contrast stitching are all the default for George Cox, only thing I've changed in all the pics is the bottom of the sole. Regarding the previous direction, I simply got terribly bored with dressing so safe all the time, so I think this more aggresive direction is the counter-reaction to that. But it's also like, I still reguarly wear the same fits I wore a year ago, but I don't see the point in posting those, so what you guys get to see is me just trying...
Yeah just after posting I realized this might be a option, going to bring a picture of the 3705s and 4158 to my cobbler this afternoon to see what he says. For the 3705s I might be able to just add a topy on top the crepe, while for the 4158s I could add a chunky ripple sole on top of the existing sole. EDIT: I did a couple mock-ups, feel free to give your opinion on which one you like the most [[SPOILER]] I'm actually really liking the look of #2
Those are definitely also an option, but I really do wish I was able to try them on since they're a bit "different" from the other options I've looked at.That said I do like the 3705 a lot: I wish the sole had a rubber bottom because I really don't like how that sole looks when worn down.The  4158 is also pretty...
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