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There's tons of cool Matthew Miller stuff on 50-70% sale, plenty of sizes in both outerwear, bottoms and tops www.matthewmillermenswear.com/shop
There's tons of cool Matthew Miller stuff on 50-70% sale, plenty of sizes in both outerwear, bottoms and tops www.matthewmillermenswear.com/shop   Also, someone who's a sz45 really needs to buy these bombass Carven derbies at 70% off https://caliroots.com/carven-derbies-9100sc15/p/41132
That sucks.   If it was me I'd try and find some cool piece of green fabric, cut it to size to match the upper back piece and just sew it on top of the existing leather, should be easy enough for a tailor and the majority of the cost would most likely just be depending on what kind of fabric you source. You could also make take some small strips of the fabric and put through the zipper-pulls to bring some coherence (the back-piece would already look good on it's own...
Why are you wearing jeans and boots if it's 34°C though, anything around or over 25°C makes me automatically default to shorts and sneakers/sandals
You were correct, on the care-tag I found that it's from his FW 2001 collection. Unfortunately the only website that appears to have pictures of said collection is this one http://www.fashionanthology.com/?act=galleries&do=pics&rec=520961 where you need both an account and subscription to watch all the pics in full-size. Unless I'm mistaken though I'm pretty sure I see my jacket in the bottom left corner of the miniature pics, just that it's in green instead of red, and in...
Anyone here knowledgeable in his older collections? Just got a fantastic double-breasted blazer I bought off ebay some week ago, very happy with it and curious if there's any chance he made some matching pants for it?It seems it is the original "Christope Lemaire" tag that is still attached to it, which contains the following information in case it might help someone answer my question
 Yeah I used to feel the same way about wholecuts being too bare, but just googled again and realized I actually don't mind that any longer, as long as the shape is nice.Anyway Meermins look really good, really like most of their designs. Price is slightly higher but same as you I prefer them over both AE and Erwin, and especially against Erwin the finish looks so much nicer. Wearing them with other clothes is actually a reason I'm also leaning towards double-monks....
     Appreciate all the input, the ones pictured are obviously not a contender any longer. Regarding wholecuts the impression I've gotten is that all the nice-looking ones are $$$ while the cheaper options usually don't have a nearly as nice shape and often a chisel toe that's a bit too pronounced for my taste. Then again I don't really know what particular models or even brands to look for so I might be mistaken here. What about double-monks then, something like the Allen...
Opinions on these? Got a whole bunch of weddings coming up and should probably get around to getting a pair of decent formal shoes. Oxfords are obviously a good and safe option, but since the rest of my outfit will be "normal" I'm very tempted to get a less usual model of shoes, though still in the realm of "dark formal leather shoe". Not usually a huge fan of split-toes but rather like these, alternatively a pair of double-monks for that #pitti #menswear
 I feel like my initial post already answered the first part of this  but regarding the second part, I assume you think that what I'm actually referring to is terrorists/ISIS/similar? If so then sure, but I figure either side/sides dress relatively alike when they're out in a scorching hot desert. Still though, my very first thought was that I thought he looked like a character out of "Spec Ops" (using that specific game as an example fully intended)
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