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Goddamn those look good
Don't think it has been posted here so I'll do it, the new Challenge-thread is up: SW&D Sneakers and Trainers Challenge   If there ever was one where basically everyone can participate it has to be this one, so go take some pics people.
Wrong thread but: Looks terrible, your shirt is pretty bad too
Wrong thread Parker, you're supposed to post that in Recent Purchases
Sooo yeah if you could just write a full-length novel some time soon that would be great @Synthese 
Yeah no that is definitely not a bad thing, turning 20 in a few months but without glasses I could still pass for way younger. Wish I could grow a beard too but don't have high hopes for that. Eh not really, I got this haircut inspired by the Our Legacy guy and this model: https://instagram.com/alexeyglebko/ and I just needed new glasses and liked these Yeah I like the hat too, got it quite a while ago but didn't work with old haircut/glasses so I'm pretty happy it works...
Got a haircut like 2 weeks ago (also pictured, new glasses ) Pretty happy with how it came out, but planning to buy a flat iron to get more control over how it falls behind the ears. (The back is fine but left side curves forward while right side curves in a spiral of sorts)
I think spope started a "draw your outfit"-thread some time ago? Unfortunately it died pretty quick iirc Been thinking about getting a drawing tablet though, anyone here happen to have experience with Wacom Intuous Pen? It's basically the cheapest model they have but looks decent and anything will be a step up from using a mouse
 Disappointed you can't choose toe-color separately from the base.Might still order something like one of these once I get some cash
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