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This isn't terribly sleazy, but the top button is indeed undone and the background is awesome so
+1Last two episodes were fantastic
So I recently got my pair of Meermins and coincidentally my first pair of nice dress hoes. It was the 101341 (Black Calf double-monk) but now I have some sizing concerns.   When I first got them they were certainly tight but just standing/sitting/walking around in my room they still felt comfortable. Assuming I had gotten the right size I didn't think more of that until yesterday which was the day for my friends wedding and the reason I got them. Driving there in the...
@Isolation If CM and SW&D agreeing with eachother on something from the get-go isn't enough to convince you there's time for a change, I don't know what will
@Caustic Man remarked in the SW&D WAYWT thread that while there are members from CM venturing into SW&D threads, the other way around is still uncommon. Therefore, here's a badly lit picture of what I'll be wearing to a friends wedding in a week
 Putting aside the question of whether SW&D or CM is harder to do well, I'm pretty sure that the median total value of the outfits posted in CM WAYWT is way higher than the median in this thread, which doesn't make it that weird that there are more CM posters trying out SW&D than the other way around.Add to that the fact that while someone who wears suits daily will almost certainly find occasional use for a nice pair of jeans or other more SW&D-esque pieces, the same...
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