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 +1Been wanting a camel coat for a lil while now and the one robinsongreen has looks really quite nice
This is so cool, someone sz L needs to jump on this http://*****************/listings/12839-wooyoungmi-contrast-sleeve-blazer
Possible it'd be better one size up if the sleeves remain about the same length, but still looks good. With those pants though I'd probably wear it mainly unzipped, and if I wanted to zip it wear slimmer/darker pants.
Haven't been able to take any good pics because school and weather, but here's a shitty pic of what I planned to submit
Oh man, sinnedk, if that leather was dark-green (I thought it was before I saw comments) and not black that would've been absolutely fantastic.As it is now I would probably wear black instead of blue like others have said, but still one of the better fits with black stuff + blue jeans I've seen  [[SPOILER]]
sup (excuse shitty quality, taken of ig)
Juncus looks really good, fits you well. And I'll add to what others have already said and endorse the tapered over the straight.
 "Normal" glögg is alright, but appleglögg is awesomeJuleskum is also good yeah, probably one of my favorites in the fluffy/chewy-department Well Wings+Horns then? You could also have a cobbler add a zipper to whatever sneakers your heart may desire  
Yeah I do think I've seen iterations I disliked more.Honestly the ones you posted are alright, I just think there are way nicer sneakers by both CP and other brands (those Acne's for example) Hah and I'm all good even if we disagree, but good to know you appreciate swedish food(if you ever have the chance, try out the Roslagsgrill by Andersson&Tillman, it's pretty damn good)
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