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 Fuck this is so good Easily my favorite silhouette (atm anyway) that largely influences the purchases I make and have made for the past half year or something like that. Just wish it was easier to find big pants, my current options are pretty much limited to thrifting or buying way too large pants on sale and trying to have them tailored.
 I love patent leather (actually just ordered some patent leather vans) but I think the dark non-patent ones are nicer  2nd one looks way easier to wear well and I also like it more
Just wanted to let everyone know that the first episode of "The Expanse" is out (i.e. Leviathan Wakes, SFs favorite book 2014) And even though it's done by Syfy and the trailer looked alright but not much more, the first episode is like, really really good   I'm so happy
Pretty cool how Pigalle has changed/progressed/evolved from this to this
Ye I don't really mind the straps either but the buckle is ugly and I'd like to lengthen the sleeves either way, so seems a bit pointless to have both ribbing and strap. Also didn't realize until now the outer fabric is actually gore-tex, so this will get a ton of wear this winter 
I was actually thinking off trying to do it by myself, but I guess maybe I'm underestimating how tricky it is to shorten shoulder. On another note, I picked up this supercozy vintage Eddie Bauer down coat earlier today (x-posting from RP) and it's pretty much perfect everywhere size-wise except for the sleeve-lengths which are just a bit short. There's also some rather old-school wooden buckles at the sleeve openings which contrasts kind of badly to how I'd otherwise wear...
Another thrift shop find, you can't really have too many long coats (especially when it's goose down filled and basically weightless, feels like wearing a cloud )
Anyone here that has tried taking some old wool coat with superwide shoulders, take off the sleeves, cut of and tailor sides of body and re-attach the sleeves? Only just realized what a treasure trove of outerwear thrift shops here would be with a few modifications to the pieces (usually shoulder and sleeve width)
Mine isn't geller but I've gotten plenty wear out of it none the less, feel like it's pretty different from the richard (more structure, less casual fabric and obv a zip too) so I'd say go for it
Somewhat recently upgraded from an iPhone 4s to the xperia z5 compact       It really is nice to have a decent camera with you at all times (nice phone in general too if anyone's looking for one, though the compact version occasionally gets a bit hot)
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