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Yeah that's the one and yeah it's nice, but ever since I tried on (but stupidly didnt buy) this tee by weekday that's pretty much what I'm describing I've been looking for something like it.Like, I want something that looks more like it could be in a jil sander/raf simons lookbook, more sturdy and not as slim/drapey but still a well-cut fit
Striped jacket does not work with the rest and the sneakers are meh (though they'd probably look better with a smaller leg-opening)
New clothes, old outfit  [[SPOILER]] (posting just after spope, welp )
Broadchurch was really quite good
That's aight, would probably be better with something like a plain sweatshirt (jeans and footwear could also be a bit better, but like I said it's alright still)
I think I've said this before, but in comparison to the American Apparel Summer shirt (or whatever it's called), this would be my perfect t-shirt: - not as deep, slightly wider neckopening - less drapy/seethrough fabric, ie sturdier but still lightweight - about same length, it's impossible to find any non-drapey tees that are longer than "normal" models - less slim   (possible john elliot would fit ^this nicely, but it's too expensive even without shipping for...
 This pretty much, best thing I've ever learned about from sf besides fashunz  He has mentioned making well-priced and well-designed t-shirts, and iirc possibly other simple basics as well later on 
Yep, which is definitely a fair reason to be worried But they did make both Battlestar Galactica and Eureka, so I will hope for the best (also they've said it's their most ambitious project to date)
Good first post
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