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I think a side-shot and back-shot could very well be the deciding factor. They both look good from the front, but difference in sizes often are more visible (imo anyway) from the side and back than from straight ahead.
 Yeah it's a "serious" fit alright, but what's serious and what isn't at Pitti isn't as clear-cut as it is in most places.I honestly think it's subtle enough that I don't particularly mind it, but then again I wear turtlenecks under t-shirts and pinroll my dresspants(so I fully understand if other more CM-oriented posters don't see things the same way I do )
I like this a lot but 740$ is just ridiculous
 "What do you mean I can't wear my turtleneck with a shirt underneath?"
Doesn't @penanceroyaltea have this? anyway it's pretty cool if you can rock it   http://www.farfetch.com/se/shopping/men/the-editor-floral-embroidered-shirt-item-10640514.aspx?storeid=9446&ffref=lp_311_
Men's collection is pretty cool, but dear lord that womens collection is amazing
pls reply to pm  
Black/some other color? And how did you size? Oh you weren't talking about jeans, nevermind
Shearling is cool   It is however also $$$ 
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