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The first two examples were obviously said with an element of humour, and the third was just a related thought presented before the question   Or anyway that's how I interpreted it
Who sold it? Have literally never seen it before (looks nice tho)
I honestly think that looks like a pretty cool jacket, though it really has no place in this thread
Geller long plaid shirt, sold out pretty much instantly everywhere from what I've gathered in the geller-thread
In case anyone is looking for a hoodcoat, COS just released a longer one than their previous iterations that could be pretty nice     http://www.cosstores.com/se/Shop/Men/New/Hooded_wool_coat/51655-19254797.1#c-22755
Gearing up for fall and winter    
I've realized I am of this opinion more often than most others, but synth, that would look sooo much better with a thicker sole (/chunkier boot)
stitches - so good, your transition to SW&D just keeps improving (though yeah it probably would be even better with some more taper as synth suggested) 4est - obviously great, green/purple/grey is A+ Alexander - I agree with others that that is your best look yet, didn't expect something that good when I saw those brands before the picure had loaded nn - left fit is great, possibly my favorite "contrast"-fit of yours? think the right fit would be greatly improved with...
Those jeans are the best I've seen on you nn, good kop (way way better than those other drop-crotch jeans you have)
Need fitpics of sidezip(?) black suede sneakers
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