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if you're at the bridge in Lothric with 2 dragons perched, drop down as you run across said bridge. the area to the left will advance you in the level, to the right loops you back around.
typical squatch behavior
Quote: Originally Posted by MSSneaker I have a question about your sizing on the rivet chino's. Are you absolutely sure your 6'2" 170 lb model is wearing a size 30? The reason I ask is, I bought a size 30 (my true size) and found them to fit well with the leg opening being too big for my liking (still some of the best constructed pants I've ever owned, just the cut I'm talking about). I ended up buying a 29 and the rise was too low - they were...
james perse sample sale in SF this weekend.
i have the olive ayling available in sz 42. nwt, never worn, it doesnt get cold enough here to wear it.
i bought this a few months back, and it's still sitting in my closet unworn. $600
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy gI dunno if I really like the execution, but the dude seems unafraid to rock out with his cock out. If he's really that way in real life, that counts for a lot. He's got what Drew calls "swag". He also looks familiar though, like some ubiquitous B actor or something. Someone help me out? Anyone? reminds me of this guy
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Just a few fit pics. Red Bihars Brown Ricards if you had to pick just one of these to buy, which would it be? i'm due for another PS pickup after xmas. i've got the black ricards for ref. tia
APC Blue Seersucker - Size L - $25 Robert Gellar Flannel - Size 50 - $50
i'm going to have to disagree with some of the thigh sizing comments. i wear a 33/34 in most of the jeans, and was unable to get a 33 even up past my thighs. based on the sizing chart, i'm not even sure a 34 would fit, as .25" wouldn't give me much more room.
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