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 I'm well acquainted — Crème Universeille is the Beauté de Cuir version of the Medaille d'Or Leather Lotion, both of which aren't quite as "gentle" as the Nappa.  I wanted something gentler and without as much solvent, i.e., Nappa balm.  
 Thanks — it's a combination of factors, some of which I've covered in past posts, but I'll do another sometime soon.  Thanks — Nappa instead because I didn't need to "clean" the shoes or redistribute any polish, just condition, which called for something gentler.
Aaaaaaand...we're back! Today I'm taking a pair of Saint Crispin's Pedders out of storage for a bit of TLC.  Join me by posting before and after photos of your own polish job today! Remember to also cross-post to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr (using the hashtag #shoeshinesunday) — one (1) random participant who does will receive one (1) pair of their choice of mid-calf Palatino cotton socks! Without further ado, let's get to it... The "damage"  [[SPOILER]]   I...
 It's a thistle, but I wish it had been a crab — would have tasted much better.  
Thanks! I'll have you know that it took everything my Old Raj influenced judgment can muster not to post a batemanthanks.gif.
 Yes, yes I do: A coupl'a suit shots... MTM MTM (was just a top-half shot and I'm leaning)  ...and a coupl'a jacket shots MTM RTW (still has @in stitches drool on it) Seriously, don't sleep on this stuff.
 This, trust me.
 Thanks — G&G will make most of their lasts at Deco finishing levels, but this is Holden on the stock Deco last.  The brush is from Edoya in Tokyo.
Aaaaaaand...we're taking today off! I'm taking today off again and, as a reminder, for the remainder of the summer I'll be hosting Shoe Shine Sunday on a bi-weekly basis. However, you are all invited to continue posting your pursuit of the perfect shine as usual!  Even though today's Shoe Shine Sunday isn't hosted, we also encourage everyone to cross-post to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr (using the hashtag #shoeshinesunday). I'll still be checking back in on...
     Thanks, gents. Carminas have been sold - Hoves still available...
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