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 Many Alden fans use only a minute amount of wax every so often to finish polishing their Alden shell cordovan. The use of wax on Alden cordovan is often attributed to the unique finishing that Alden applies to its cordovan (as well as to Alden's own directions).  On other cordovan, e.g., Carmina, cordovan-specific cream is generally fine and you could use a bit of wax every so often.  Regardless, less is always more when it comes to cordovan care.
 Stay tuned - there should be some new content coming.
Winter Suede Edition These suede brogues have seen a lot of wear this past week in New York given their Dainite sole, so today's Shoe Shine Sunday is a refresh for a solid pair of Carminas from The Armoury. Join me by posting before and after photos here of your own polish job today! Remember to also cross-post to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr (using the hashtag #shoeshinesunday)! Without further ado, let's get to it...  [[SPOILER]]  This pair is generally a bit...
Not with a mirror finish, though.
   Neutral wax will remove some color/finish when applied directly, so a colored wax would be best to form a base upon which to then apply the neutral wax (thereby avoiding any of the color/finish removal of the neutral wax).  Colored wax, particularly when applied in very thin coats, won't cause much (if any) color change until many, many coats are applied.  Ah - you can either spot correct (apply wax only to the affected areas until the area is filled in) or you can...
 Personal preference, I suppose.  I'd use some colored wax for the first few layers, so as not to disturb the original finish (which neutral wax would do).
New Year Q&A Edition   For today's Shoe Shine Sunday I'm hanging around and taking all shoe shine questions! Join me by posting any shoe shine questions here, as well as before and after photos here of your own polish job today!   Remember to also cross-post to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr (using the hashtag #shoeshinesunday)!   Without further ado, let's get to it...paging @Betelgeuse      
 Are you referring to a scratch or something that doesn't get filled in when you polish again, at least not to the same level as the rest of the surrounding upper?  It seems counterintuitive, but this really does fix a lot of the "issues" people tend to encounter in their own shoe shines.
 A good start, amigo!
Holiday Break   Happy Holidays to all!  Shoe Shine Sunday is on a holiday break this week, but we'll see you all back here next week in the new year.  Cheers!
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