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Oh, he knows.
Aaaaaaand...we're back!     After twelve great weeks of Shoe Shine Sunday, the $500 Hanger Project gift certificate drawing is upon us!  Without further ado...       While this drawing has come to a close, take some time before's today's World Cup Final to shine up a pair or two and keep cross-posting to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr (using the hashtag #shoeshinesunday) - future drawings are in the works!   Don't forget that Kirby also has some...
 You should be able to clean with a suede eraser and a crepe brush - shampooing is probably unnecessary.  Then use the chalk bag to bring the white back.
 White buck bag.
Yes and yes.
 Fine w/me!
 Sent, and fine w/me.
  From left to right:   RLPL: AVAILABLE YHNT: @steveoly (shipped) YHNT: @imatlas (shipping not yet paid) Venanzi: @imatlas (shipping not yet paid) Boggi: @steveoly (shipped) Drake's: @ThinkDerm (shipped)   From left to right:   YHNT: AVAILABLE YHNT: @ThinkDerm (shipped) Panta: @gyasih (shipped) Kiton: @RedDevil10 YHNT: @gyasih (shipped ) Venanzi: AVAILABLE
I'll post an availability update later today and take everyone's selections into account.
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