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 Always - and let me know if you split Straight to Heaven.
 Which size for S&W? Unfortunately, Windsor has been vaulted by Creed and is no longer available.
 I suspect that's directed at me.  Given the slight variance in strength between those two (2) products, I prefer the lotion for general cleaning and nourishment, whereas I tend to prefer the Renovateur when I need to remove or redistribute wax.
 @Nikola sounds like you might be using too much of either product, that they have dried out a bit, or you have a lot of buildup on the shoe to begin with.
Aaaaaaand...we're back! Today I'm dipping back in to the winter wardrobe and refreshing a pair of Saint Crispin's 401 boots in crust 609...join me by posting before and after photos (inside or out) of your own polish job today! Each participant this week who cross-posts to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr (using the hashtag #shoeshinesunday and #entry) will receive one entry for a drawing to be held in four weeks for a $500 Hanger Project gift certificate!   Without...
SOLD   Hermès Pocket Square Pre-owned, but seldom worn PayPal Only, Price Includes Domestic (Continental USA) Shipping   Made in France 100% Silk 16" x 16" $75 OBO     There are a couple of tiny spots in the center of the square, can likely be removed with a careful dry cleaning:                    
RLPL Ties Pre-owned, but seldom worn PayPal Only, Prices Include Domestic (Continental USA) Shipping   Tie 1 Ralph Lauren Purple Label  Made in Italy Solid Navy Blue, 100% Silk 3.75" x 58" $50 OBO SOLD     Tie 2 Ralph Lauren Purple Label Made in Italy Autumn Toned Paisley, 70% Cashmere & 30% Silk 3.75" x 57" $75 OBO SOLD          
New Posts  All Forums: