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 Fine w/me!
 Sent, and fine w/me.
  From left to right:   RLPL: AVAILABLE YHNT: @steveoly (shipped) YHNT: @imatlas (shipping not yet paid) Venanzi: @imatlas (shipping not yet paid) Boggi: @steveoly (shipped) Drake's: @ThinkDerm (shipped)   From left to right:   YHNT: AVAILABLE YHNT: @ThinkDerm (shipped) Panta: @gyasih (shipped) Kiton: @RedDevil10 YHNT: @gyasih (shipped ) Venanzi: AVAILABLE
I'll post an availability update later today and take everyone's selections into account.
Aaaaaaand...we're taking today off!   It's finally a nice (read: not sub-tropically humid) weekend in New York and we're sure a lot of you have summer on the mind as well.  Accordingly, we're taking today off and for the remainder of the summer I'll be hosting Shoe Shine Sunday on a bi-weekly basis.         However, you are all invited to continue posting your pursuit of the perfect shine as usual!  The $500 Hanger Project gift certificate drawing is coming up in...
 He did, s'all good. 
 sry bzy
     I think I'm going to pass - I don't want to swap just for the sake of swapping.  TD - I'll PM you about next round.
 Sounds like you might be using far too much cream, or your brush is far too soft for that particular stage.    nice, @macjedi - I'm surprised nobody made the easy joke, though...  Bring 'em in some time...  Good progress!
Aaaaaaand...we're back! Today I'm conditioning/lightly polishing a brand new pair of Gaziano & Girling Hoves that have been sitting in the box for some time...join me by posting before and after photos (inside or out) of your own polish job today! Each participant this week who cross-posts to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr (using the hashtag #shoeshinesunday and #entry) will receive one entry for a drawing to be held in two weeks for a $500 Hanger Project gift...
New Posts  All Forums: