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Then why did you consign them?
So is my hangover.
Say it ain't so
I blame Tong.
Paisley square, reversed.
@gyasih, @in stitches is up next.   Updated Swappage Order (as of 1/15/2014):   1.   @allaboutshoes (passed) 2.   @gyasih - Killer Swap! 3.   @LEVOOSH (Canada Post screwed him) 4.   @in stitches    5.   @DerekS 6.   @steveoly 7.   @imatlas 8.   @mymil 9.   @ThinkDerm 10. @RedDevil10 
 Done and done!
Ok, well, knock yourself out.
 As an alternative to black, Greg & NWMA have a nice navy peccary and a great grey carpincho, both from Merola.
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