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 I'm looking forward to taking the pics!
 I would expect nothing less from you, SB.    Thanks, Cleav.
 Patience, amigo.
day and night, night and day (was in a rush for the last photo — photo is terrible)  [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]  
 It's not what you're thinking of (although that will also be inspirational) — something in addition... 
   Something special is inbound though, the arrival of which I expect will inspire me.
 Agreed, there is some great stuff in here.   @allaboutshoes passed.  @gyasih and I are meeting today and then off to @LEVOOSH!
 You know me, I like binge posting.
 He's been in past rounds, so no sweat in taking a time out.  I have teh TSB and I'll PM you.
New Posts  All Forums: