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I has teh sads, as I am still without.Perhaps depending on the size, but at 16.5 the non-tailored fit Keatons are wind sails.whatsinthebox.jpg
The regular Keaton shirts are of the typical RLPL somewhat boxy cut. The tailored fits are definitely slimmer, in between a slim Italian cut (e.g., partenopea) and the typical RLPL cut. Tailored fit works perfectly for me.
       Tailored Fit or a $10 fix at your local tailor. 
Edit: gifs are not cooperating on my phone. So:eyerolljessepinkmanbitchplease.gif
LOL, what happened to kop hiatus?
 Some will love, some will not, but a grail item for me nonetheless.  Ah, the Keaton.  Welcome to~85% of my shirt closet.
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