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 Green -> Gold -> Platinum -> Centurion -> Legatus Stitchionis?
 Indeed.  Cheers!
 Great, I'm glad to hear that.  Most insurance companies will gladly provide a rider for high value personal items (jewelry, furs, and yes, high value clothing) — Chubb isn't the only game in town on the personal property front, but they are the typically the most often recommended in terms of claims processing and ease.  On the other hand, it would probably be advisable to take out a rider on your existing policy — or switch altogether, in which case you can "bundle" with...
 I suspect you're approaching insurance as a guarantee for replacement of "high value" clothing in the event of one-off calamities unique to one particular item of clothing. If so, be prepared for such rigamarole as well as extremely high cost.  Insurance is truly meant to insure against crippling catastrophes, not a tear in one's trousers. For example, people insure their vehicles not necessarily for the value of their own vehicle(s), but more against the potentially...
 Check your homeowner coverage, which should provide the kind of coverage you need, i.e., in the event of catastrophe — not spilled soup.
 Wasn't meant personally, amigo.  TF has a very distinct lapel, particularly the peak lapels (width and belly).  Other giveaways are the large pocket flaps and the five working sleeve buttons...but not to worry, it's something you'll easily recognize.  
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