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 Aww, no midnight NYE koppage from a bar for me this year. 
Noap. Cashmere pjs and a silk robe here.
Try Toni & Guy.
Haha, part of the reason I avoided work today and am not venturing outside of a 4 block radius from my apartment.
Very nice, crusty. However, you're too late - I'm already liquored up.
Thanks, amigos.
Oh, foxxy posted those. Do not know model #.
The TFs I posted (didn't buy though) are 5260s. They are jen-you-wine buffalo horn and gold plate - no tortoise - in either a blond or black colorway. Oh, and $3k - before any talk of lenses.
 Awww... Quote:Originally Posted by jrd617 What model are those TF frames? I like the shape of the frame. Very similar to the Polo ones I own. Indeed.  Speaking of Tommy F — I came across these [buffalo horn, 18k white gold] over the weekend, just not quite enough unused FSA... 
New Posts  All Forums: