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Smaller - 7.5-8
Noap, sorry, but smaller feet will do well.
 Service with a smile     
Gentlemen, ready thyselves:  
Aaaaaaand...we're back! Today I'm adding a little depth to a brand new pair of shoes.  Give us all some insight into your polishing habits by posting photographs here today of you shining/polishing your shoes (before and after shots, please).   One (1) randomly chosen participant in today's thread will receive three (3) Luxury Wooden Suit Hangers!  In addition, we also want to interact with all of you on social media,...
6 months ago, none of this would even have made it to premier sale stage. 
Congrats to last week's suit hanger winner, @rusty18!
For @mktitsworth:  
Looking good, everyone!  I'm checking out for the night, so I'll leave you with this:  
 Depends on which technique you use for the mirroring (e.g., chamois or cotton pad).  I use the Edoya more for finishing the rest of the shoe than for the mirror cap/heel.
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