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 Standard room - when on GE8 or any other welt it looks more rounded, almost like a moc.  Alternatively, you can go for the Paseo, which is sort of a Classic/Room hybrid.
 Mod. 563, or to be hyper-specific, the 539 but with the 553 apron. As to the last, Room last.
Tom Ford Private Blend (TFPB) Tobacco Oudin Tom Ford 20ml Travel Atomizer $125 OBO I'm clearing out some of my disused personal collection, including this Tom Ford atomizer filled at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC with Tobacco Oud (with another of my purchases) as I don't really use it at all.  The atomizer is 85% full and comes with a refill funnel and soft carrying pouch. Price includes CONUS shipping (please contact me for int'l shipping).  PayPal only, please.  [[SPOILER]]   
Clearing out a few CREED fragrances from my personal collection that I either just don't use or of which I have duplicate bottles.   All were stored in cool, dry conditions and not subjected to heat, humidity, or shock (travel). Prices include domestic USA priority mail shipping, please contact me for international shipments.  All are 100% guaranteed authentic. All prices include CONUS shipping (please contact me for int'l shipping).  PayPal only, please. Selection...
@dieworkwear Sorry, typo (fixed above) - it's BCK 078. Yes, 076 is more "polo" in color.
@dieworkwear BCK 078
 @gyasih The lotion is a more aqueous version of Renovateur. - RD
Just launder as normal (separately).
Group Refresh Edition 3   For today's Shoe Shine Sunday I'm continuing to lend a hand to a friend who is in the process of cleaning his closet out, such that I agreed to give another of his shoes a quick condition and polish.   Join me today with before and after photos here of your own polish job, as well as to cross-post with photo(s) to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr (using the hashtags #shoeshinesunday)!   Let's get to it...   Shoes, polish and a...
@dsmoove The Neroli Portofino, Italian Cypress and CREED fragrances are all still available.   Cheers,   RD
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