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 I assume you know this based on your responses above, but keep in mind that the duty rate varies according to the article or item, country of origin, etc.  UK duty on most suits/sportcoats valued at over 135 pounds is 12%, plus VAT and the like.  Hazarding a guess — your article was given the incorrect commodity code, plus a customs broker probably charged a fee (even though it came in via Royal Mail).
 +2   In addition to some of the marketing speak that is out there, I think people often underestimate how much wax/polish comes off or dissipates just through the course of normal wear, such that they equate putting 2-3 layers of polish on during one session with needing to take those exact same 2-3 layers off with a fancy product the very next time they polish their shoes.  
Congrats to this week's winner @macjedi!
 Depends on the shoes and what I think they need.  You're welcome to chime in.
 No kidding, I saw your lunch.
 I do not miss walking through that to and from my old office on a daily basis. Quote:Originally Posted by SpooPoker You missed the phalanx of teenage tourists in times square crouched down behind the back of the car as i idled, taking duck face selfies and chucking deuces. 
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