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 You may, but that is a bit superfluous in my opinion - just refresh the mirrored portion with a bit of Reno (to redistribute the top layer of wax, which may be all you need) and then, if necessary, more wax to restore the mirror shine. — RD
 If stored in the dust bags, you should be fine for a bit.  The better question is — why have you had brand new JLs sitting in the closet unworn for eight months? — RD
 No problem, @gettoasty - if you're shooting for a mirror shine, you don't necessarily need to use a conditioner on the toe, but a bit of Renovateur or Leather Lotion isn't a terrible idea. - RD
Generally not very long, in the neighborhood of 20-30 seconds. More wax is usually never the answer, as only a minute amount of wax is necessary to begin with, so usually a bit more water is needed if the wax isn't working in well (also dial back on the amount of wax being used).I let the first 5 or so coats dry for 5-10 minutes, respectively. Thereafter, you can usually proceed without letting each layer sit to dry. You know it is ready for the next coat when the wax...
It's more likely that you didn't have enough water involved. Too much wax will often create a "sticky" feeling, whereas lack of water will usually create the "scraping" feeling you describe.As Kirby mentioned, once you have worked the wax from hazy to clear/shiny, move on to the next coat.
General Q&A Edition   Last week I answered a few questions relating to the "mirror shine."  However, I often receive other shoe shine related questions and thought that those who have posed questions in the past, or perhaps those who have only thought of asking questions, might appreciate a question and answer session today.  So, please ask any shoe shine related questions you might have today in this thread and they will be answered.  In addition, feel free to join in...
The Mirror Q&A Edition   Over the past year I've received quite a few questions, the overwhelming majority of which relate to the "mirror shine."  So, in lieu of a full-blown polish routine I'm addressing a few of the most common "mirror shine" questions, as I work on refinishing the toes on a pair of my Saint Crispin's jodhpurs.  Join me by posting before and after photos here of your own polish job today!   Remember to also cross-post...
It's the 10003 on the Robert last.
The Evening Edition Now that fall is finally starting to set in, this evening I'm preparing two pair of Carmina brown suede kicks for the coming inclement weather.  Join me by posting before and after photos here of your own polish job today! Remember to also cross-post to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr (using the hashtag #shoeshinesunday)! Without further ado, let's get to it... The "damage"  [[SPOILER]]  I began by brushing the shoes gently with the Edoya brass...
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