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get your 2016 holiday shopping done now    
 The cordovan tassels? Thanks!
 I suspected as much, the terms are often inadvertently interchanged.
 The Saint Crispin's waists are beveled but are not fiddle back.
 No, in this case from Saint Crispin's they don't.  That heel is the Cuban, which usually carries a small upcharge and differs from the stock heel not only in profile, but also in height (although the latter can be specified).
That's only because of the weakness of the Canadian dollar and (from them) factor in international shipping as well.
 Your trial pair is a stock 8F with no adjustments at all?
 Yes, Chester Barrie and very old by RTW standards — 2001 at the very, very latest, which is when Saint Andrews took over RLPL tailored.
 Is the trial shoe simply a trial for a stock MTO, for a modified existing stock last or for a personal last? Speak with your retailer — the fit is off and needs to be carefully reevaluated in propria persona before finalizing your order (the indicia are the gapping and what you identified, which are actually related), regardless of whatever model you intend as your final pair unless you'd prefer to go through the trial shoe process every time you order (or have an...
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