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ThxamigourthebestestWool/Silk/Linen cloth by Loro Piana, made-to-measure make by La Vera Sartoria Napoletana (Orazio Luciano)
Hey guys
Aaaaaaand...we're taking today off! It's another nice (read: not sub-tropically humid) weekend in New York and we're sure a lot of you have summer on the mind as well. Accordingly, we're taking today off and, as a reminder, for the remainder of the summer I'll be hosting Shoe Shine Sunday on a bi-weekly basis. However, you are all invited to continue posting your pursuit of the perfect shine as usual! Even though today's Shoe Shine Sunday isn't hosted, we also...
Oh, he knows.
Aaaaaaand...we're back!     After twelve great weeks of Shoe Shine Sunday, the $500 Hanger Project gift certificate drawing is upon us!  Without further ado...       While this drawing has come to a close, take some time before's today's World Cup Final to shine up a pair or two and keep cross-posting to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr (using the hashtag #shoeshinesunday) - future drawings are in the works!   Don't forget that Kirby also has some...
 You should be able to clean with a suede eraser and a crepe brush - shampooing is probably unnecessary.  Then use the chalk bag to bring the white back.
 White buck bag.
Yes and yes.
 Fine w/me!
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