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If anyone has worn the Air-Forged Oxford shirts for a while, what is your opinion on the breath-ability vs. traditional cotton OCBDs?
Anyone have experience with their Air Forged Oxford shirts? I guess they use a nylon rather than cotton.
Black is in stock for the Merino Tees. About time.
It seems like outlier has strayed off their initial intended path. Not only have they lost sight of that whole "not charging customers more than necessary" philosophy but also the cleanliness and simplicity in design aspect is gone as well. Shame because it started off as a brand I was very fond of.
heatproof30 invalid, any other codes? subscribing to newsletter didn't send any my way. edit: nvm looks like it was for a different brand On another note, anyone have experience with their Ultrafine Merino T-shirt?
Restock with merino tees and linen towels.
The other pants that don't use the 4season fabric feel very different from the 4season fabric items. I like the three-way shorts but didn't like their denim-replacement fabric or the summer trousers even though they were nice and light.
Northeast pivot was great as far as sleeves go. Nice and trim and shorter than uniqlo which was good for me. But the waist was far too baggy and shorter whereas uniqlo was slim.
So, here are shoulder measurements directly from Outlier CS. Northeast Pivot Medium: 17.25" Large: 18" Cail Short Sleeve Pivot Medium: 17.5" Large: 18"
Can anyone tell me the shoulder measurement for their Northeast Pivot shirt? Medium and Large. Also, I'm assuming since these aren't tech fabrics, there shouldn't be any stretch right?
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