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Clifton's starting to look like good ol boots.
To begin with, I didn't need to. My body has been undergoing a change that is rendering my entire wardrobe unwearable bit by bit. Though I'd argue that people with muscular thighs don't really need a true straight fit all the time, and can still get away with tapers below the knee. For example, my low straights--which have a pretty legit taper, fit great. And my straight fits still are baggy below the knee and look good only with boots.
Started repping 200 on squat and 300 on deadlift and now my rigid slim fits don't fit. Womp womp.
If you love film and your friends love film, it's a little paradise. My favorite Polo sweater here... Old Clifton boots.
Greetings from Sundance. Polo shirt and cords.
Whoever recommended checking out that RRL-spirited (to put it loosely) blue dotted shirt from Old Navy... you're awesome. I got a few compliments on it last night, which is not bad for a $20 shirt.
I'm a couple months away from a year, though I can't wear them to work and don't wear em in the Texas summer near at all, and the portion below the knee is as stiff as ever.
This Japanese rigid denim is as stubborn as a mule.
Thanks homie.
Can't get over this
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