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This, this, and this. I saw someone say "they haven't developed fades yet because they're cycling 9 pairs." lol.
Here I am on a school trip wearing a Denim and Supply sweater and light wash RRL straights.   Wish I wasn't broke and could still revel in the RRL goodies, but I'll be putting several pairs of denim I outgrew on ebay soon enough--including, unfortunately, the badass double blacks. Or on the marketplace here. Which, in your opinion, is better to sell?
I've got a pair of the old Japanese Slim Fit that I've only worn about 15 times, never washed, and I'm wondering if that would actually fetch anything on eBay or something. Or would I be better off in the mtkplace here?
You're kinda creeping me out, man.
Yikes. So their waist measurements are a full 1.5 inches larger than tagged, and 1 inch larger than measured? I thought the whole point was they're not vanity-sized... That discrepancy is too large to not be a big issue amongst buyers waiting 2 months.
I have 34W 511s that fit just right. Measured Gustin-style at 36W. So... 35 Slims (measured 35.5) sound about right?   Do the Straights taper at all or are they 501-ish?
Clifton's starting to look like good ol boots.
To begin with, I didn't need to. My body has been undergoing a change that is rendering my entire wardrobe unwearable bit by bit. Though I'd argue that people with muscular thighs don't really need a true straight fit all the time, and can still get away with tapers below the knee. For example, my low straights--which have a pretty legit taper, fit great. And my straight fits still are baggy below the knee and look good only with boots.
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