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we paid about about $2400 for it but what do u think is fair 
i have all the resources at dispense and was considering opening an online company that manufactures and sells custom pillows. They would be very fine quality and i would have a small but changing selection of fabrics. I would take exactly measurements and other notes on firmness and could create them to your choosing.   I have been doing this for year but have no official business   would any one be interested in such products?
2 brand new j crew striped pants    size 33 x 32    blue or brown available    ships within us   contact for more info 
trying to sell my D&G glasses. there basically new and in great condition but not having luck on ebay. are there alternative sites? maybe a company that purchases glasses? 
authentic D&G glasses  great condition  black with grey metal and plastic frame  additional shipping fee for international sales contact for more info 
great condition Dolce & Gabbana glasses (great deal)   free shipping for SF members 
thank you, good idea i put them up for $79.99 starting bid and $100 for the "buy it now" price  but i would give a discount for style forum members!  
i own them already, im actually trying to get rid of them. i own 2 pairs already and got them as a present. i was wondering if $100 was a fair price to list them for.
i have a brand new pair of zegna black denim jeans. there NWT and were around $200, do you think $100 is a good price to put them on ebay for?  
great condition authentic vilebrequin swimsuit   will make a deal for styleforum members   additional fee for international delivery    contact for more info  
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