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it's not far at all - I can be there in 45 mins:ember: just a bad week with work/house stuff. great game to see man, enjoy.
I'd love to, but have plans this weekend if thats when you're arriving?
Do you live in London? Noticed a lot of your (really good) insta pics are around Cambridge, which is near me.
http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-37426664 I'll wait for Margiela to release one I think.
reddit MFA getting tech guys into fashion, or at least telling them what clothes to buy
@penanceroyaltea I can see that working well for you@gettoasty I've owned two KKA tees, both fit a little bit bigger so you might be ok.major spider situation in my bath this week - I guess it's the unseasonable weather here. fucking hate spiders.
I didn't think the collabs had a smaller frame. Where did you see that? I have the wilsons too and I think the frame is already pretty small.
shame about the leaf print shirt - @conceptual 4est did you get a chance to check it out at the show? wondering if there's a reason not many places decided to get it.
looks great - keep.
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