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Thanks, I'll keep a look out. Did you go with a 44 or 46?
yeah kinda wish I got one of those...
^ i hear ya sitches.
Need a new pair of the skinny fit tapered jeans. There are 3 types on the UK site now. Which are the ones closest to the classic T-000s?
Yoox purchase just arrived; my first ever EG piece. Some greyish blackish pants. Not sure what the model is, I think Yoox had them listed as the usual 'Casual pants' in 'Steel Grey' so I didn't really know what to expect. Turned out really well, however. Nice texture & the fit is cool. They're kinda half-way towards sweat pants but I think the material is enough to distinguish them apart. It's made me want more EG.
ordered the plaid dress shirt - went with a 46. hope it turns out ok, some of the stock pics make it look a little short.
brother is liar
I don't think geller is stocked anywhere in Europe...
geller silent uniqlo mmm
All of your jackets look really good AKang
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