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That looks great. I got some jack purcells a while back and don't like them at all to be honest. Will give this a go.I take it you didn't paint the laces?edit; nm, can see you didn't. I don't think that would end well.
I don't think people are against the boot tuck here. It can be quite hard to execute correctly, imo.
Looks good. Like the colours.
Yup. It's been pretty crazy already!Anyone watched/watching Fargo (TV Series)? It's showing in the UK as of a few weeks ago. Not sure if it's already finished in the US.
Nice coat auximenes. Pants look great too... I've really got to try some zam stuff. @artishard116 bringing out your own t-shirt range?
awesome spacepope congrats stitches!
Originally ordered end of October and changed my order at the start of April. Yes had to pay the difference.
Yeah full leather. I originally ordered a toj0 but changed to the MDR. You would be crazy to miss out on a full leather before ToJ closes.
that's fantastic, canstyleace!
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