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let's not forget the plastic people who masterminded the campaign...
looks good reedo!
^ I'm looking at Acne at the moment, they have some.
acne garret coat - thoughts? never tried anything acne, but hear quality can be all over the place.
Non vis everything. I like that.
need to get some 'business wear' where do you guys go for a cheap suit nowadays? uniqlo ones any good? looks like they're sold out of the +J ones on the UK site.
sleeves are perfect on mine, although I always wondered if a size 48 would be better for me body length wise. I have a 46.
nice cardigan, would like to see it open. I agree there's something about the fit, but in a way it's kind of adding to its charm
On the Wes Anderson subject; I watched The Grand Budapest Hotel recently. Thought it was great.
Which Acne pants are those?
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