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thanks guys, this discussion has been helpful so I have a few routes I can go down now.
the colour of that dominik coat
Day - Summer, hopefully outdoors depending on weather. Google images show you rocking the formosa tux, btw.I love this idea and you're completely right, it is my choice, but it definitely doesn't feel like my choice Yeah £5K is way too much - Ideally i'd be looking around the £1K mark to be honest. That probably wipes out a lot of Savile Row MTM.
Yeah this. If there are any tailors in the city I live in, I wouldn't trust them kilgour look good - I'm going to contact them, thanks.Damn, that tux looks nice. Smallest size 48R
Ha yeah no problems finding a tailor - I'm near London / Cambridge so plenty of options. I guess I'm just having difficulties visualizing a suit I'd enjoy wearing as it's not an area I've had a lot of success with.
I get married in July and I have no idea what to wear I own one suit and I hate it. At this rate I'll end up wearing full geller richard suit. What did SW&D folks wear to get married? I remember seeing some cool pics of @wormwood.
My work place is casual every day - I don't think i've worn anything Geller in the office other than a dip dye, though. My office isn't ready.
Just ordered the type 1 denim - I hope i'm as skinny as I think I am. Also - how did I not know about Geller socks?
yeah we say that quite a lot here
Id love to join the mustard gang - someone sell me a 44 pls Dbear they both look great
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