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@eglbc impossible to find online though
like that eglbc. whats RTH?
hmmmmmmmmmmmm not sure what to try (if anything) out of this Uniqlo U stuff. Anyone been able to handle it in person yet?
Theres a couple of places that let you set one up for free, such as Zifboards (formally invision I think?) Generally free places will give you a sub-domain and a basic message board, should meet your requirements. You can browse their directory of forums to see if it would work for you.
Peterborough. I'm in Cambirgde a lot though (I was in Pint Shop the past two weekends) - We should hook up!
it's not far at all - I can be there in 45 mins:ember: just a bad week with work/house stuff. great game to see man, enjoy.
I'd love to, but have plans this weekend if thats when you're arriving?
Do you live in London? Noticed a lot of your (really good) insta pics are around Cambridge, which is near me. I'll wait for Margiela to release one I think.
reddit MFA getting tech guys into fashion, or at least telling them what clothes to buy
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