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^ what is that?
Jbravo - nice coat.
The cars now sound in person as they do on TV. Previously, you had to be there to experience the real noise. Today's the big day!
I normally wear 44-46 depending on the brand - some of the stuff I was looking at only goes down to 48. Not sure on Schneider sizing, but looks like you might stock smaller sizes there?
try Acne - they have black in a few styles and offer a 'stay' version that's supposed to remain a deep black through washes.
they have some great stuff. sizing not good for me either sadly.maybe i'll just get the +j coat...
@nahneun yes. sometimes they won't save, sometimes I thumb and get redirected to a page telling me I don't have permission to thumb. (using chrome mobile browser)
let's not forget the plastic people who masterminded the campaign...
looks good reedo!
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