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I haven't found a live stream, but 'Adam Katz Sinding' is posting videos very frequently on snapchat - he's at the show right now.
Holy shit....mustard bomber looks a little dusty...
I remember people overlooked Rais for a long time
If you go to Pizza Pilgrims you could stroll into Other-Shop which is on the same street and claim your 10% SF discount
Thats pretty cool!
I keep forgetting to post pics of my type 1's. I have the black and the 3 year fade. Black ones have stretched a little after quite a bit of wear - 3 year fades noticeably tighter in the same size, haven't worn them enough to stretch yet.
Speaking of MTM my wedding suit is pretty much done - tried a couple of places on savile row that DWW and others suggested but ultimately went with SuitSupply as it fit my budget.I've never had anything fit me OTR so i'm pretty happy with the outcome. [[SPOILER]] Edit; thanks for the suggestions everyone.
[[SPOILER]] got the full richard suitI was looking for a 44 in the jacket which would be a size down for me but settled with a 46, which was a good move as the shoulders are pretty much perfect on this.
Anyone know of any black Richard jackets in a 44 still available?
I'd sympathize but the nearest geller stockist to me is an 8 hour flight 😑
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