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Comme des fuck on, dude.
Which pants would be recommended for skinnier legs? I remember reading that some models are better suited for larger thighs, but I can't remember which.
I'm glad this is happening again.
A recent fit, but is what I'd post anyways. Not sure if this would even qualify? They're not actually shorts, but this is how I wear them...
A few from a recent trip to New York City. My first time in the USA. Loved it. I'm struggling to decide how to crop my photo's, if at all. @Master Milano your pictures always seem to be perfectly framed and that's an area I feel I'm lacking in. Do you crop yours afterwards?
They look good. Pfft. Maybe I should paint all my shoes. The amount of wine on my GAT's...
@ghdvfddzgzdzg Been wearing the DIY painted converse much? Shown any signs of ageing?
Anyone washed their MMM GAT laces before? Have any problems i.e fraying?
Top fit is cool mitchellmcm27, not really feeling the second one. I think the difference in length of the tee's is a little too much and needs different footwear.
I went to Drew's restaurant a few weeks ago and ordered the dry-aged steak. It was delicious and well worth the 30 day wait for it to age.
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