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Wow that's great.
I had an opportunity to go out and put some of the stuff I'd learnt to practice over the weekend. This is the first time with any camera I've been out to shoot some stuff in manual mode. I'm pretty happy with the results. Sadly they're under exposed but I have an idea of what to do next time. The colours on the Nikon D3200 display seem to be pretty inaccurate compared to when I look at them blown up on my PC though.
Congratulations Auximenes! Great picture. Would also like to know which sweater that is
Yeah I have the COS dip-dye sweater, its fine for the price although I find it a little short.
^ Saw them in Cambridge at the end of November and they played mostly the new stuff. Couldn't hear anything for 3 days afterwards!
Impressive stuff stitches! I had to double check it was you after looking at the first pic Looks very cool.
Thought it was hilarious Have you seen 'In Bruges'?
In that case, maybe going there would be a... [[SPOILER]]
I went to a great all-you-can-eat steakhouse called Le Relais de l'Entrecote. The food is simple, but great. They only do steak frites in their 'secret sauce' () and are apparently quite famous for it (we stumbled across it by chance).
Hey - Cardigan is by Barena. Parker posted a (better) fit a few days ago with the same one. Interesting to see how it can fit into a different style.
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