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handled this in a store yesterday; material is kind of like sports wear fyi.
Can't add anything that hasn't been said; but yeah that's great stitches.
chetb sweater looks great fitted like that
more of the same, please
Purchased a few weeks ago from the marketplace but unfortunately it's a little tight on the shoulders for me. Absolutely one of the nicest pieces of outerwear I've handled. http://www.styleforum.net/t/442002/lad-musician-hooded-fur-parka-size-44 Awesome Lad parka with very warm thinsulate lining, removable coyote fur lined hood, hidden knit cuffs, hand warmer pockets, interior drawstring, chunky YKK zips etc. Worn but good condition, lots of life left. Love this jacket,...
stephan schneider barena void silent acne mmm (I don't own, nor have I ever owned, a pair of boots. help please?) sorry no full fit pic with the scarf.
Nice fit. Stacks look good to me.
I'm totally unprepared for these sales. No idea what I even want.
I prefer the Slanega
No. I got hit hard with duties last year. Thought I had dodged it, but received a notice from DHL some 15 days after receiving the sneakers.
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