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silent geller mmm
Which jackets had the bell sleeves? Just the DR?
both great fits nn. jacket looks really nice.
Will add to B&S section. An item that no G-Star enthusiast should be without. Bidding starts at 2,000 USD. [[SPOILER]]
My G-star phase was so bad that the guys in my office got me a mug with the G-Star logo printed on it...
A few from Gregory Crewdson's Twilight series;
When I had that, it turned out that it was delivered to my local post office. Apparently they attempted to deliver to my home but didn't leave a slip or anything.
cool artwork and interesting backstory, ashitard. glad you're doing worldwide shipping
That looks great. I got some jack purcells a while back and don't like them at all to be honest. Will give this a go.I take it you didn't paint the laces?edit; nm, can see you didn't. I don't think that would end well.
I don't think people are against the boot tuck here. It can be quite hard to execute correctly, imo.
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