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It was a bit shit. Hotel Chevalier is one of my favourites of his, though.In fact; it leads on to The Darjeeling Limited which I really like too, but that gets a lot of stick.
Merry Christmas from Wes Anderson and H&M!
Finally got around to listening to his new release - I really like it! Maybe give it another try?
welcome back @kgfan5! nice hair and stuff.
^Great stuff; love your Guyana pics!
Anyone know if the SS14 cross-dye sweater came in more than one colour? There was a dark grey and a green for sale a while ago so I opted for the grey, but in certain light this thing is green for sure. Thinking there was only 1 colour after all?
I've hand washed my SS16 richard pants and they came out fine. No difference at all.
Only started drinking beer quite recently. Really like a lot of Belgian beers (Delirium Tremens, Rochefort); Hoegaarden is easily available to me locally and given that is the case, it makes me think there is something much much better out there. Where do I start? Looks like a lot of love for IPAs in here? I'm not a huge fan of bitterness (at the moment...)
COS womens over coat, right? Caught my eye too recently in-store, tried it on but didn't really work for me.
More stuff added, including some socks from SS17.Surely the man himself?
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