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i'm going to walk my dog
^ Thanks Update from my part - I went to the layers store yesterday and tried on some julius pants in a size 2 and they fit me perfectly. Also tried a devoa blazer in size 2 and it worked pretty well. For anyone in London - someone in Vertice told me hostem are having a 75% off sample sale next Saturday including some nice drops from MA+.
saw beach house last night, they killed it. supported by dustin wong who was pretty cool to watch - a lot of noise for one guy.
alright thanks, i'll dig out some pics a bit later on. I'd like some stacking - the Zam B DNA pants look nice, but appear to be quite roomy in the thigh area.
Hey guys, I'm in unknown territory here - I'm in the market for some artisanal pants. I like the look of some of the Devoa, Zam B stuff but i'm not sure what would work for me. I have wide hips, skinny legs and i'm pretty short (5ft 8). I think I'd need something on the slim going towards skinny end of the scale. Any tips on what might work for me?
Yeah same body type as me really. I plan to start buying more japanese brands. Schneider seems to work well on you too - what size do you wear?
Im jealous of how well everything seems to fit you...
I don't know about this. Someone I'm not friends with sent me a message and not only did it show up in my regular inbox, but it also came through to my phone and opened a Facebook messenger chat. It was a work colleague and they didn't pay anything to contact me.
deets bows? is that the undercover jacket?
beach house have released (another) new album, it's quite good
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