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RO really suits your wife NN! I really like a lot of Rick stuff, but can't say I've tried a single piece. The designs are certainly 'out there' so it feels hard to break into the brand, but I guess that's what RO is all about. Maybe I'll buy some sneakers...
Yeah check out the RO store. As for Geller I don't know of any stores in London, or the UK for that matter, that stock it. Would love to be wrong on that though.
I've tried so many times, but I can never get my butter to cast a shadow...
Great race! Decided to get a ticket last week and I'm very pleased I did. Atmosphere was incredible! Glad to see Lewis win. Only 4 points in it now... Disappointed with Kimi. What an awful season he's having.
Just got my patch bomber. It's rather nice. excuse the filter;
couldn't decide, but I narrowed it down to four
really like that @huhwot.
^Patch bomber was also dropped further today. Just ordered one.
Anyone been hit with charges when shopping with shopacrimony?
'tis a mighty fine hat, conceptual 4est.
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