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yes they do vary from season to season, your best bet is to post here and people can generally give you an idea of what to expect.
not feeling those at all @flowcharts
Robert Geller dip-dye in grey size 46 from the 2015 Spring/Summer collection. Awesome piece with a subtle contrast between dark/light grey. Fit is boxy and sleeves are quite slim. They stack nicely when rolled up. Unlike previous seasons, I would say this dip-dye fits true-to-size. Condition is 9/10. There is a small stain on the back (pictured) that I've only noticed when taking photos. I haven't tried to remove it. PM to discuss shipping
Label under construction reversible woven wool cardigan. Made of thick shetland wool. Very warm, substantial knit. Awesome cut & nice details, raw edges etc. Size 44( will fit 44-46) Color: Grey Condition:9/10 Retails at over 1000 USD PM to discuss shipping. Thanks!
^alright thanks. looking at a blazer and the measurements of a size 1 look to be a bit bigger than I was expecting...
how does individual sentiments sizing work? do it start at size 0, with that being XS/44?
bomber looks great
^ which schneider coat?
i'm going to walk my dog
^ Thanks Update from my part - I went to the layers store yesterday and tried on some julius pants in a size 2 and they fit me perfectly. Also tried a devoa blazer in size 2 and it worked pretty well. For anyone in London - someone in Vertice told me hostem are having a 75% off sample sale next Saturday including some nice drops from MA+.
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