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I seem to be reaching for my skinny black uniqlos a lot recently so I'm looking for something more interesting. Could someone recommend some black pants/jeans please? I like the look of some of the Zam stuff but finding it at the moment seems to be tough.
What size were they?
Are these the gellers you recently picked up from ebay? Turned out well!
Looks so good. I'm sure someone on here could pull it off...
Yeah you're right. I don't remember it being that bad. I would certainly get hit with fees being in the UK.
This is very good news for international folk.
The T1 incident was a tough one to call. If anyone's to blame though its Massa; way too tight a line for the first corner of a race. Rather predictably, he was quick to point the finger at Magnussen. Jenson has withdrawn his comments, presumably after watching a replay from the perspective of LH. Great performance from Lewis, he drove like one of the greats. A little frustrating he missed out on 2nd place... Ricciardo - Wow. I didn't know the guy had it in him! So good...
RO really suits your wife NN! I really like a lot of Rick stuff, but can't say I've tried a single piece. The designs are certainly 'out there' so it feels hard to break into the brand, but I guess that's what RO is all about. Maybe I'll buy some sneakers...
Yeah check out the RO store. As for Geller I don't know of any stores in London, or the UK for that matter, that stock it. Would love to be wrong on that though.
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