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[[SPOILER]] got the full richard suitI was looking for a 44 in the jacket which would be a size down for me but settled with a 46, which was a good move as the shoulders are pretty much perfect on this.
Anyone know of any black Richard jackets in a 44 still available?
I'd sympathize but the nearest geller stockist to me is an 8 hour flight 😑
Yeah I can do. Just moved house so my stuff is all over the place at the moment - no mirrors up, no idea where my camera is, so it will probably be a phone pic of my legs which should be ok to see the wash but maybe not the fit.
^Is that from last season? My 3 year fades (type 1) arrived today. I have them in black already but these are noticeably tighter at the waist. Hope they stretch out a little as I can't breathe right now.
On the subject of tees I have quite a few from silent that work pretty well for me, but doesn't look like there is a collection this season. Looks like Damir might have dropped the silent range?
The new richard pants work great for me - I wear type 1 denims without any problems though. I'd say they fit of the richard pants isnt too far off the type 1's in the calf area...
Ha I wouldnt!Wedding is July so summer here - Church wedding followed by a reception with a good outdoor space. Guests can wear whatever they like really....Maybe I'll go sockless...I get your last point & its something to consider. I think i'd be okay with it as long as I felt comfortable in it at the time. I don't doubt i'll look back on some of the SW&D stuff i've worn and laugh.Thanks!edit;I might go with something like these shoe-wise? Any recs for something similar...
Thanks - They look ok, I think I want to have a bit more fun with it though. Not overly keen on the classic look.I've always wanted to try some stuff from Post Imperial but I don't normally wear suits so i've never had the need. They have some really cool ties & pocket squares.Also been looking through some Pitti pictures for some inspiration. Maybe going to go for some brown slip ons (probably not loafers like shown below); [[SPOILER]]
Thanks. I agree regarding the matching colour theme. Ideally if I can get away with the flower matching the colour theme and nothing else I'd be happy.I probably should have mentioned the suit will be blue - going MTM from Suit Supply as it worked for my budget & means I can get use out of it after the wedding. [[SPOILER]] Don't think a black tie would work? Thinking brown shoes but undecided yet. I'm bad at suits.
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