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looks great - keep.
I had an e-mail from Meyvn with a 15% code on the AW16 collection - Think it's because i've ordered from them before though.
[[SPOILER]] thats pretty funnyonly the massimo bomber out so far? thats probably the one i was looking forward to the least.
Thanks for the suggestions guys. Some of those rooftop bars look great & yeah I'm gunna be spending a lot of time at the hawker centers.I'll be there for 4 days. I've been checking the weather for a while and according to BBC it rains in Singapore 24/7.
I'll be in Singapore at the end of this month - any recs for food and stuff to see/do? open to anything at the moment. @penanceroyaltea *think* you live there?
I haven't found a live stream, but 'Adam Katz Sinding' is posting videos very frequently on snapchat - he's at the show right now.
Holy shit....mustard bomber looks a little dusty...
I remember people overlooked Rais for a long time
If you go to Pizza Pilgrims you could stroll into Other-Shop which is on the same street and claim your 10% SF discount
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