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look great as usual!
sale on @ margiela e-boutique, no code required.
individual sentiments silk & paper blazer margiela waxed suede boots schneider grid pullover
^yeah i'd agree with that. all the pants i've tried have been pretty TTS.
yeah, I feel like I have to buy something or i'll miss out
yeah it was collarlessah, good job I didnt get it. thanks.
nah, it was this one; whats the belted one?
anyone here get the SS11 denim jacket on g***led? kinda wish I had, but wasn't sure how a 44 would fit.
Robert Geller Surface T-shirt from AW14 in size 46. Condition is pretty flawless, I can't see anything wrong with it. PM for shipping.
they look great - I may order a pair if the IS pants i'm planning to buy don't work out. I need more money.
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