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gettoasty that is refreshingly good
I dunno. I would have thought summer might stop people posting fits, but not stop visiting the forum altogether.
well, if for some reason it doesn't work out I'll let you know.
...wasn't a sz46 was it?
I was actually close to ordering a black pair of SeF side-zips until I saw your pics; not that they look bad, but like you said I don't think they will fill the gap. I'll probably get some tan jodhpurs or something.
how hard should it be to get them on (for the first time, at least)? I remember it being a real struggle with the sized-down pair I had.
I had some before and sized down (this is generally how most people size MMM side zips I think) but they were too small, so I've actually gone TTS this time around. ...and yeah you're right on the discount.
I don't know who stylebop.com are but I just got some MMM side zips in the size i've been looking for at 60% off.
trying to buy that 46 brick bomber - 7 store is blocked by my works IT policy / ZenMarket screwing up too edit: I think I got it
flowcharts - looks like that Schneider stuff fits and suits you really well.
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