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they're going to sell out pretty quick.
really great ^ what was the interview for?
New dip-dye arrived on Friday. Just a heads up to anyone thinking of ordering; Sizing is different from the older version I have. My old one is a sz44, new one a sz46 and the sleeves/torso length are significantly shorter on the new one. I'll try and post some pics for comparison. Overall I really like the new fit - works better with layering as the torso hangs looser.
There aren't any European stores that stock Geller right now, but he said in a recent interview that it's something he's looking to change.
nice stuff on the last few pages
Robert Geller plaid shirt in red size 46 from AW14. The colour is what makes this piece so great; it's hard to capture it in photo's but I've done my best. Excellent condition. I still have the tags. sold.
Robert Geller denim jacket size 46. Not sure which season it's from. Great colour & in excellent condition. Perfect for spring. PM for shipping deets.
I've just ordered the beige dip-dye. Also received the striped collarless shirt in white and the less/more tee. Probably going to return the shirt...I think I'd prefer it in charcoal and I would also like to try it in 44 if anyone knows somewhere that's stocking one?
Regarding the linen short sleeve shirt; I asked Acrimony if they plan to stock any. Their answer was that they decided to stock the short sleeve 'bound shirt' instead. Anyone know what that is? edit; nvm, they said it's this;
this gon' be good.
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