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Damn good idea. Will post results.
Any recs for food/clothes/stuff to do in Budapest? Im there tomorrow to wednesday.
https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/oct/21/ddos-attack-dyn-internet-denial-service :O
Has ZenMarket had an account cleanse or something? Just used it for the first time in about a year and had to sign up fresh.
'Damn we forgot to do the product shots of the hat again. Do you th--' 'Just photoshop it on the hoodie.'
[[SPOILER]] I actually think ssense do a good job on their styling. Some of the stuff they've done with geller has been great the past 2 seasons.
mnmmm yeah i jumped all over that shit (thanks)
Handled a lot of the U stuff today; it is all awful. On the other hand the new 'fake seude' jacket, if you some how manage to ignore the fact its 'fake seude', is quite nice.
Those olive flight pants on NMWA are killer.
They look great!
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