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That tee looks great
Oh, is this the place you pay extra for the balcony tables?I recall there being somewhere in Eze that boasted you could see France, Italy and Monaco from your table.
Oh man I'd love to be driving through there. Sadly didn't get a chance.What was the food at Chateau Eza like? Pretty spectacular I guess? I realized I have a picture of the place on my instagram. [[SPOILER]]
I'd highly recommend Cote d'Azur simply for how cheap & easy it is to travel up and down the coast. I had Nice as a 'base' in August 2013 and took a bus to Monaco, stopped off at Eze village on the way for something ridiculous like 1.5 euros. The train isn't much more expensive and connects to a lot of other places already mentioned.
^ dries van noten. I was looking at those not long ago. I like them, but I'm not sure how well they would work for you. ...free shipping/returns?
looks like you went for a quick bird poo too
This is true. I didn't find myself laughing as much as I did during his pitti write ups, and i'm pretty sure this is the reason.
thoroughly enjoyed this guys. compared to the pitti stuff, the content was far more interesting for me personally, which made it all the more enjoyable when partnered with the high quality writing & pics that is seemingly guaranteed with these trips.
I'd be up for some CS:GO - Guessing we'd have to compromise server-wise. Try not to be intimidated by my low digit steam ID.
now I want to buy a long coat
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