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I clicked on the pic which links to photobucket and ended up ordering a 16x24 inch MoK canvas for my living room
looks great
confirmed that is rick holding a torch [[SPOILER]]
I'd say the fabric is a little less substantial than last seasons, but not by much.
@other-shop is the promo code still live?
geller long plaid arrived - it's so nice, but how the hell do I wear it? I might take the easy way out and return it.
starts again Monday, for anyone interested.
damn, wish the UK had rules like that. I think its anything >£30 will incur a charge here.
wow i actually thought that was spacepope for a second
anyone tried the long plaid this season? wondering if I can size down? I suspect not as geller sleeves seem to be getting shorter recently. online measurements seem to differ - some show the sleeve length as being the same between sz 44 & 46, others don't.
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