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Ordered! I'm used to high shipping rates.
Yeah both are really nice. I'm thinking i'll get the fuscia. Or maybe both.
Hmmm wondering how the Casper is going to fit. ^ Which colour did you go for?
Looks great! I'll buy for sure.
I think I read on instagram that his wife made the shirt 30 minutes before he had to leave for the show.
It would be good if the uniqlo star wars collection actually looked like this... ...and not like this... Maybe @Synthese could kop to start a 'Han at home' look?
I wasted 5 years of my life playing counter-strike... ...if anyone wants a game lmk
It was a bit shit. Hotel Chevalier is one of my favourites of his, though.In fact; it leads on to The Darjeeling Limited which I really like too, but that gets a lot of stick.
Merry Christmas from Wes Anderson and H&M!
Finally got around to listening to his new release - I really like it! Maybe give it another try?
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