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alright thanks. it's these fwiw; http://www.inn7fashion.com/ATTACHMENT-T-SHIRT-2134 http://www.inn7fashion.com/ATTACHMENT-PULLOVER-3108
never tried anything attachment, i've just ordered a tee and 3/4 length to 'test the water' both in sz 1. if these fit, should I generally size the same across all attachment / kka?
Looking for a Robert Geller tencel bomber from SS14 in either size 44 or 46 - will take any colour. Thanks!
sketch by /u/coolsnail on reddit realised I have twilight hair
hmm okay thanks, I had been on the look out for a 46 (hence not going for that 44 sooner). I'll keep an eye out.
who bought the tencel bomber in a 44 on B&S? let me know if it doesn't work out please!
damn, think that would fit a 46?
Other-shop (sf affiliate) is right near Liberty - you can then go and eat dim sum at Yauatcha.
That tee looks great
Oh, is this the place you pay extra for the balcony tables?I recall there being somewhere in Eze that boasted you could see France, Italy and Monaco from your table.
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