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As far as I am concerned I am still happy working with Pino Peluso. Great communication, pro and friendly, very neapolitan but not too much or overexagerate.My next jacket is on the way !Ciardi is very good as well, as Sartoria dal Cuore for sample... If you want a perfect timing no delay and so on, don't work with neapolitan or buy RTW ! ;)
Hi Mark,   Any follow up ?
Good thread  ! :) Nice job in describing the process !
Omega Speedmaster "First Omega in Space"
Lange & Sohne SaxOmat and Omega Speedmaster 1969 "220" tachymeter
Great watch and brand. GO is one of the best bang for the buck among prestige brands IMHO.
Great job guys ! Extensive and very useful review. Two thumbs up !
Thank you for this kind comment !
  First post here. Hello to everybody ! :) Christophe - Paris
Apparently ? Where are prices ? ;)
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