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Is it correct that the snuff colour is lighter than Alden snuff? Much?
I'm travelling at the moment, but as far as I recall the handwork on both (Merolla and Satriano Cincque w/Luca) was about the same, "standard" I suppose - like someone else called it. Armholes, collar attachment. Pick stiching on the yoke. I'm sorry, but I don't recall the price.This was not directed to me, but I think I communicated directly with him in English. I selected fabrics in the workshop, and later he sent me swatches in the mail. I liked the workshop very much...
Good idea for a thread. Let me contribute with my very limited experiences. I used Francesco Merolla, several years ago. If my memory doesn't fail me that was when he was together with Gabriella de l'Ero. I followed Gabriella to Satriano Cincque, this was in the beginning when Luca was there. Both experiences were good. Fit and construction were very good in both cases. Merolla was a bit more slim fit by default. My main challenge, however, is to find a perfect collar...
Thanks. I couldn't find it on the web site, though. This is similar, but different fibers (no cashmere).Indeed - that's the one my tailor suggested.
No, unfortunately I don't have access to them (I have to travel to see the tailor so I am trying to decide on fabrics so he can have the first fitting ready when I come). It might be this one (G CHECK 4904W/D02):But it is hard to say from the picture (the scale looks a little different to my eye, but I might be wrong).My tailor suggested this:Which looks similar but is probably a bit rougher.
This is a little bit naughty, but can anyone identify any of these fabrics from Drake's new collection? I realize they might be woven especially for Drake's (or Belvest), of course. The first one is 100% wool, the second 60% wool 35% mohair 5% cashmere.
OK, thanks.
Aha, I assumed they were all the same wool/cashmere mix. Is yours w/c, and if so does it wear warm?
Those are nice. I wonder what the cashmere content is.
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