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Which Chinese company was that? Do you know where they are located?
I don't have any personal experience, but I was interested after seeing your post because I didn't know that Fox have cotton stuff and looked at their web page. There they have one "Khakee" in navy and one in tan/khaki. The former is 200g, the latter is 750-780g.http://www.themerchantfox.co.uk/prod/565/khakee/khaki(Edit: added link)
Well, the khaki-coloured Khakee is 780 grams... Maybe for bullet-proof trousers.
Thanks. The worsteds are a bit more flimsy than the woolens (which I have and like) - 10/11oz vs. 13/14. Have anyone tried, e.g., MWF5 A0012/22?I couldn't actually find out which ones are worsted from the Harrison's website, but Merino Brothers' website (http://www.merinobrothers.com) was more helpful. Anyone have experience with these?
I am looking for a worsted flannel (various shades of grey). Any recommendations?
Thanks very much for the reply. I just want to know whether they do a decent job before I give them my shoes. Not everyone does. Again, the pictures on the web site look good, but I is very helpful with a second opinion. I am aware of the prices from the web site, and I think they are OK if they are doing a good job. Thanks again.
I'm interested in hearing about anyone's experience with having flush toe plates/taps installed by Union Works in Tokyo, in particular on high-end shoes (e.g., Edward Green or John Lobb). I have seen the pictures on their web site, but it would be interesting to hear about actual experience.
For sale: a brand new in box pair of John Lobb Uppingham ankle boots in size 8.5E UK, in pale grey Museum Calf on the 1306 last. Price: $625$600 including shipping anywhere in the world. The boots will be shipped from Norway. The boots come with the pictured John Lobb shoe bags, and in a John Lobb box. Shoe trees are not included. Condition: the boots are brand new and have never been used. There are some small signs showing that they have been tried...
Finmeresco is smoother; Minnis fresco feels coarser.
You could also try Bernhard Roetzel's blog. Good luck.
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