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Thanks very much for the reply. I just want to know whether they do a decent job before I give them my shoes. Not everyone does. Again, the pictures on the web site look good, but I is very helpful with a second opinion. I am aware of the prices from the web site, and I think they are OK if they are doing a good job. Thanks again.
I'm interested in hearing about anyone's experience with having flush toe plates/taps installed by Union Works in Tokyo, in particular on high-end shoes (e.g., Edward Green or John Lobb). I have seen the pictures on their web site, but it would be interesting to hear about actual experience.
For sale: a brand new in box pair of John Lobb Uppingham ankle boots in size 8.5E UK, in pale grey Museum Calf on the 1306 last. Price: $625$600 including shipping anywhere in the world. The boots will be shipped from Norway. The boots come with the pictured John Lobb shoe bags, and in a John Lobb box. Shoe trees are not included. Condition: the boots are brand new and have never been used. There are some small signs showing that they have been tried...
Finmeresco is smoother; Minnis fresco feels coarser.
You could also try Bernhard Roetzel's blog. Good luck.
Trousers received. Thanks for super fast shipping, accurate product description and great communication. Seller has my warmest recommendations.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheWraith You were probably not so good at the measuring. Some people just aren't. So your experience with them is the opposite, then?
When it comes to a good fit, it might be a good idea to try unlined (or perhaps silk lined) gloves, which are made to fit tighter. The need for for lining is exaggerated in my opinion; I use unlined gloves down to minus 5 celcius. I heartily second the recommendation of Madova. They are the best I have tried both when it comes to construction, leather and fit. My experience with Chester Jefferies made to (self-)measure is not so good, so I am surprised that so many...
Quote: Originally Posted by somatoform Honorable mentions go to "Marcus": one of the original 2002 members, 13th person to sign up, still active to this day, and only 65 posts. That's awesome. Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Really? Has he been in a coma for 8 years or what? I've been reading on and off over the years, but posted little. I suppose I am afraid to find out what is in "Current Events" when I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Michael69 All the socks were between £2 and £6 a pair. the Charvet tie (furthest to the right) was an £85 discount off retail! Where in London, if I may ask?
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