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ppl who listen to flac? ipods are shit bro
the prose was fun. what are the shorts?
the exact opposite. and tbh it's probably a combo of what's on the ground and what's floating around in the air
any word on the new clay shipment?
i want these but my japanese shopping-fu is too low and i cannot find
does anybody know of any stockists for n(n) by number nine ss12 items? this collection
buddy... addressing you in a few posts isn't an obsession, and i simply pointed out that you act like this is "your thread"   anyway, like i said, just calm down.
  buddy, it's not like i'm afraid or threatened or some shit by your posts... rather, you act like you are only helpful cuz it makes you feel good about yourself. why not be as helpful to people who offer shitty advice as you are to those who are asking for advice? when you lash out and use phrases like " saying things like "go play hide-and-go-fuck-yourself. Adults are talking." it makes you seem like you're tryin wayyyyy too hard or that you're threatened that other...
jesus christ whodini, your help is appreciated but you act like you're playing king of the hill here, calm down
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