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I've had this one for last 2 months. Works well for hot days.'It Tarmac Air
Thanks for the reply. Good call on phoning them. Ill do that once I decide on the model. Worried about lenght since Im quite tall and the usual shortness of moto jackets (which I have tried on several and ridden more then a few times, including on sport bikes) tends to be bizzarely short. Anyway, if anyone else has some first-hand on info I would apreciate it
Hi guys! Dropping in to ask a Q which was already discussed but I still am not able to reach a decision. Looking for a recommendation on which Vanson leather to buy. I’m not a biker (per se). I ride a Gilera Nexus scooter. Don’t know whether you are familiar with that particular two wheeler. It’s a sporty scooter, fast and agile enough to need some proper gear. I ride mostly in the city (700 thousand population); short daily commute to work; year-round (have a legs cover...
Don't consider this info as set in stone, but quite possibly the suit is made by one of these companies. or Why don't your try sending them an e-mail with photos and asking if they could provide you with the fabric reference number, or better yet (long shot), replacement pants (monetary remuneration implied of course)
Looking for an on-line source of (gray) laces for Lanvin high-tops, or of non-original but similar quality product. Suggestions?
^^^^^ WORD
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