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Estranged uncle - my father has better neckties
^ Continental makes perfect sense if one goes by Shirtmaven's post in the Ask Andy thread; his father's tailors were Smalto and Feruch, both of Paris I'll photograph my own Smaltos and update in due course. My one misgiving is that the maison liked to use their self-branded buckles on the belts, which seems incongruous with the ideals of bespoke suiting as most, including myself, see them
Examples I've seen and owned include Chester Barrie and bespoke Francesco Smalto. The latter lines the backs of the belts with leather
Friends of mine. The fellow on the far left is Natty Adams - whom Tirailleur actually befriended some time before I did - the manager of the Against Nature suiting shop in NYC and co-author of the soon-to-be-published tome, The Dandy Portraits
Every year I investigate these and still the only thing I have is the Viktor & Rolf black tie/dinner shirt There's nothing wrong with much of this, but there's also precious little H&M would not have incorporated into their TREND(Y) collections already
Indeed. Those are hardly mandatory requirements for anyone
No good can possibly come of men discussing the raiding of other men
I feel old
^ One of the aspects that came out of Jenna-Louise Coleman's auditions, as revealed by the producers, is that she can talk faster than Matt Smith. Your guesses are therefore as good as any Regarding the last episode (which I enjoyed), the story suffered from a lack of tightness regarding just how the time travelling and distortions were meant to work; indeed, there are several internet fleshbots working themselves up over how definitive Amy and Rory's final fate was meant...
Albert... you've changed
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